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GOL announces the CEO of Smiles SA

19 February 2013, 10:30

GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA, the largest low-cost airline in Latin America, announces that Leonel Andrade has been hired as Chief Executive Officer of Smiles SA, a subsidiary of the company. According to Constantino Junior, hiring Leonel Andrade will add value to Smiles. Leonel has an experience of 27 years in leading financial institutions in the retail segment. Therefore, Smiles shows its efforts towards promoting its customer loyalty program in Brazil, as well as strengthening the management and corporate governance structures, which will begin its activities with and independent structure and a high-performance and vastly-experienced team of executives. In the last six years, Leonel Andrade served as an executive of Banco Citibank, and held the positions of CEO of Credicard (Citicard Bank) and responsible for the Retail Bank in Brazil. Previously, Leonel Andrade served as an executive officer of Visa of Brazil and CEO of Losango (HSBC Financing Bank). Andrade has degrees in Civil Engineering and History from UGF-RJ and he completed a specialization program in Business Administration and Marketing at PDG-SP. He also concluded the Advanced Management Program at Insead - France.

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