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International survey about the image of Greece launched

11 October 2012, 16:10

A group of researchers from Greece and the United States have launched an international survey about the international image of Greece as a tourist destination.

The survey is part of a rebranding exercise of Greece in light of the country's present economic and social crisis. Hundreds of thousands of Greek families depend on tourism for their livelihood and it is of utmost importance for the country to remain competitive in the international tourism market.

The survey findings will help in formulating and proposing the proper branding strategy for Greece under the present extremely difficult conditions. The survey is aimed at non-Greeks as well as at Greeks living abroad.

The researchers, headed by Prof. Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis of Indiana University, are inviting people – and especially tourism professionals – from around the world to fill in the survey’s questionnaire. The completion of the questionnaire will require about 12 to 15 minutes.

Here is the link to the questionnaire:


Company: Indiana University Profession: Professor
"Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis" commented on 12 October 2012, 22:19:

Please help us by taking the survey.
Company: Aeolus Hospitality Profession: Management Consultant
"Kostas Trivizas" commented on 02 October 2013, 15:11:


Please help us by taking the survey.

Why should the Greek National Tourist Organisation care about the 'brand' image of Greece, if it is un able to address and solve the 'product' issues of Greece? Unless is committed to tackle the product issues which are both macro and micro in nature and go back long ways, it can only affect perceptions up to small degree.
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