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Traveler’s Black Friday Guide Book

15 November 2012, 16:03

If you want to shop smartly on Black Friday for your next travel , then follow the Traveler’s Black Friday Guide Book

Right around the corner, Black Friday 2012 promises a lot by way of gift giving, and for travelers the deals and products our there are quite amazing. Technology to luxury items and beyond, one of the world’s biggest shopping days is the focus of this Travel Daily News segment.

Whether you are headed for that “once in a lifetime” ski adventure, or seeking some sun in at the advent or Winter, saving money on the paraphernalia of travel is a good thing. To this end we focus on the coming savings events and cool products.


Bossing the Slopes

Ski BootIt matters not if your ski destination is Aspen, Boseman, Chamonix, or Wanaka in New Zealand, the best boots and bindings, skis and other equipment have to be on your list of new items of need – want even. Looking at new products on sale this Black Friday the Dalbello Boss Boot is a bit of versatility and comfort anyone hitting the slopes can use. Plush, heat mould-able liners, and with lots of room to spare, these new models are great for impact obsorption, if a bit heavier than some. These can be had for just over $318 at a variety of online stores, or as low as $299.99 from Peter Glenn Ski & Sport on Amazon. 

Warming Up

Are you one of those ski enthusiasts that dreams of gear on the cutting edge? Say no more. Just the name of the Klymit Kinetic Double Diamond lets potential buyers know there’s technological wonderment garment underneath the lingo. A gas inflatable vest offering weighless warmth basically, the Double Diamond inflates with harmless argon to transform a windbreaker weight garment into a Sir Edmund Hillary-ish parka. This is absolutely not your ordinary ski gear folks, and for staying warm and fancy free, no other product delivers the weightlessness. For more details and pics, please visit Kylmit’s website here. The video below shows Kylmit CEO and Founder Nate Alder demonstrating these vests.

Heads-Up Ski Tech

For a bit of T2 Terminator meets 007 skiing, daring, do, Recon-Zeal Transcend Goggles, from Recon Instruments, are LCD powered heads up tech for the skier who has everything. You have to love the names of these gadgets, for one thing. However cheeky the title’s of 2012 tech gadgets, situating a tiny LCD inside the lens of these goggles, integrating a skier’s speed, altitude, verticals, time and temperature, and adding a stopwatch and Bluetooth SMS capability – amazing, that’s all I can say. Just last month the company announced Oakley Airwave™ goggles will use Recon's pioneer Heads-up Display technology.


Off the Slopes

vintage fog2What’s the fun of exhilarating white powder athleticism if one cannot “see and be seen” at the lodge, gala, dinner party, etc.? Headed to new wintry places, or anyplace for the matter, a classy topcoat from London Fog let’s guys put on an air of sophistication, without overloading the plastic, if you know what I mean. Tailored in a medium wool blend, this year’s weatherproof overcoat wears like a lightweight wind breaker, and looks like a million bucks.

Available via Macy’s Black Friday sale for just over €130 ($165) versus €375 ($478), this is a high class deal for the fashion conscious. 

Cool Luxury for Ladies

For the guys out there, let’s admit it, ladies just deserve the really good stuff. Maybe this is why the legendary Burberry makes not only men’s luxury items, but even more impressively, wonderful, useful fashion for women. If “he” can have a super slick London Fog, why can’t “she” have something from Burberry’s latest Prorsum S/S13 Pre-Collection? My taste runs to perhaps the most beautiful jacked I ever laid eyes on, the Nubuck Cropped Flight Jacket pictured below. Made of soft nubuck leather, this edgy and elegant coat features trench coat effectiveness with feminine fitted stylishness. It is, in fact, almost indescribable. The price is too. €2,395.00 – but then we said she deserves the best, right?

Headed South

Not everyone is addicted to powdered snow, frozen fingertips, and sliding down mountains on insane contraptions. For some, warm crystal waters and sun-baked beaches are more appealing. And for the equivalent athletic rush, nothing is more adrenaline pumped than windsurfing. Heck, you don’t even have to head that far South to enjoy the surfing part, just don some high tech wet gear and sail away. But you’re going to need a board. A great gift or present to self along these lines comes from a company called Starboard. Their aptly named “Go” boards make it dreadfully easy for the “learner” to progress to being expert – without having to buy a new board to “push it”.  Okay, not everybody is ready to fork over upwards of $1600 bucks and take off to the Mexican Riviera this Winter, but then! We’ll leave off allowing the reader this mental picture.


Image credits: Ski boots – courtesy Dalbello, Recon Zeal – courtesy Recon Instruments, Vintage Fog – courtesy London Fog Facebook, Burberry – courtesy Burberry website, windsurfer – courtesy Starboard.  


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