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Lost luggage can mean more than lost possessions

Vicky Karantzavelou - 18 October 2012, 13:45

Losing luggage can be a traumatic experience, but travellers face losing more than just possessions, says Send My Bag.

Being without clothing, essential personal items and accessories is inconvenient and stressful enough, but losing electronically-stored photographs and entire music collections can be a major set-back at the beginning or end of a holiday.

Lost baggage is sadly not unusual – according to Send my Bag, at least one in every 45 bags goes astray. Adam Ewart, Send My Bag founder, says: “Losing a piece of luggage is a worry for every traveller and much more common that anyone thinks. People are often insured which will cover the replacement of these items, but it doesn’t make it any less of a hassle. In the case of lost photos stored on a camera or other device, nothing will bring them back. It’s actually the main thing we find people are most worried about losing – photos are treasured and irreplaceable.

Adam founded Send My Bag in response to the growing number of passengers requiring reliable and cost-effective baggage shipping. Initially aimed at students who travel with extra luggage and receive packages from home, the service has grown among people who became disgruntled with increasingly
complicated rules around cabin and hold baggage adopted by low-cost airlines, and the extortionate excess baggage shipping fees that can so often be imposed.

Adam continues: “Travelling can be stressful enough without worrying about the different rules that different airlines have around baggage allowances – add on top of that the worry of losing a bag, it’s no wonder people are opting for a dedicated baggage shipping service. This service is now popular
with families as well as people who are embarking on a sports trip and need to take extra equipment.


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"Bob Hobson" commented on 20 October 2012, 20:14:

Sounds like a good system. Here is another service along the same line of thinking but it protects your stuff when traveling or not. Okoban stickers let someone who finds your lost stuff contact you directly without exposing private information. You get an instant email and text message. I use them on almost everything I take when I travel after losing my passport in Rome one time. You can get them at
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"Gordon Burns" commented on 19 October 2012, 15:26:

Lost Laptop? Passport? Phone? Mine found me!
Here’s a great idea for protecting your phone, tablet, laptop and even your camera, keys, luggage and passport while traveling. Two years ago, I found MYSTUFFLOSTANDFOUND and obtained tracker tags for OKOBAN, a free global lost and found service. I placed tracker tags on all of my valuables.
It paid off in Rome. I left my passport at a cafe at lunch. That afternoon, I received a text message from Okoban saying that my passport was reported found. I did not know it was even missing. The café reported the found passport’s tracker number online and I was immediately notified (text and email).
I called the number in the text message which also listed the location for retrieval. My Okoban tag from MYSTUFFLOSTANDFOUND on my passport saved my trip. No hassle. Good karma.
Okoban is the only property registration system linked to the airline industry World Tracer system used by more than 330 airlines in more than 2,200 airports and hundreds of “Frequent Finder” locations in hotels, restaurants, railways, transportation companies and public facilities worldwide.
Okoban is a subsidiary of Travel Sentry, the company that licenses the TSA accessible locks sold by hundreds of luggage manufacturers worldwide and currently carried on millions of luggage products.
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