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Central Macedonia calls on UK Travel Trade to support tourism growth

Tatiana Rokou - 07 December 2012, 10:40

Northern Greece has asked for the support of the UK travel trade in order to boostUK tourist arrivals in the region of Central Macedonia.

On Thursday 29th November, Dr. Nikolas Hourvouliades, Tourism Special Advisor to the Governor of Central Macedonia, Northern Greece, met with operators from the UK travel trade to ask for their support in boosting UK arrivals to the region.

In a frank and open forum, attendees were given the opportunity to raise issues they face selling Central Macedonia and Greece in general in the UK, make suggestions and air concerns. The meeting was the first of a series of similar events to be held across core European source markets, aimed at establishing and facilitating direct communication between tourism bodies on both sides.

Topics raised and debated included pricing in the region, international and domestic transport and the question of how to deal with problems concerning Greece’s economic situation.

Broadening popular perception of Central Macedonia’s offer from the traditional notion of sun, sand and sea was also discussed. The region is well known for its fine sandy beaches which make it a very popular destination for British holiday makers to Greece. However, promoting alternative forms of tourism such as archaeology, agro tourism and sailing holidays is core to the region’s strategy. Several specialist operators were present at the event to offer operational advice in these areas.

Dr Hourvouliades said: “As a tourist destination Central Macedonia is blessed with an unrivalled array of resources. We have 3,000 years of history, a wonderful gastronomic tradition, stunning easily accessible landscapes and of course the best sandy beaches in Greece. The ingredients are there and we are taking steps to make sure we nurture the best possible conditions to boost our arrivals. Maintaining a two way conversation with the trade in our leading source markets is absolutely essential to this process. I am delighted to have been able to meet so many key players in the UK this afternoon and pick their brains. This is the beginning of a new era in our cooperation.”


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"Peter Givens" commented on 11 December 2012, 02:16:

Northern Greece has been re-named in 1982 to Macedonia for a political reason. Before 1982,if you only mentioned the name Macedonia you could end up in jail.This is the propaganda Greece loves to play.It was Samaras in 1995 who started to play football with the name Macedonia.One cannot forget the 130 million dollars he robbed the banks with no accountability to the nation for propaganda againts the Republic of Macedonia and its Macedonian minority.
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