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Navtech continues to succeed with Bingo Airways

Theodore Koumelis - 10 December 2012, 12:29

Polish charter airline Bingo Airways signs a multi-year agreement with Navtech Inc.

TORONTO - Navtech Inc., a leader in flight operations software and services, has continued its successful cooperation with customer, Bingo Airways, through a multi-year agreement for provisioning of Navtech Charts and Navtech Flight Plan. Navtech Charts will be supplied to the emerging start-up airline which operates from two bases in Poland - Warsaw Chopin Airport and Katowice - primarily to Mediterranean Sea destinations including: Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Tunisia. Bingo's fleet of A320s is configured with 180 economy seats, is powered with IAE V2500 engines, and will be using Navtech Flight Plan.

"Navtech and Bingo Airways are very similar in that we highly value flight safety," said Mr. Bill Macey, Product Director, Flight Planning at Navtech. "Our mutual dedication to safety is celebrated with this agreement and we are very happy to continue serving Bingo Airways for such essential products and services."

Bingo Airways first partnered with Navtech earlier in 2012 by subscribing to Navtech's Navigation Data service. The airline was founded in November 2011 by a group of Polish aviation professionals headed by Mr. Marek Sidor, former VP of LOT Polish Airlines and former CEO of Eurolot and they started flying in May 2012. "We are extremely happy with a decision to use Navtech's flight planning system as well as their navigation charts," said CEO, Mr. Sidor. "Navtech, as a world leading aviation Support Company, provides us with very reliable systems and materials at an optimal cost."

Navtech Charts leverages Navtech's experience, research, and Human Factors analysis work. The charts are designed using research from Human Factor specialists and by gathering data from, and working continuously with a number of pilots with years of experience using aeronautical charts.

Navtech offers aerodrome and enroute charts in our modern specification. Aerodrome charts include a briefing card, instrument approach, landing and ground charts, as well as standard arrival routes. Bingo's chosen aerodromes can be presented to them alphabetically by country, city, or by aerodrome name. Navtech's enroute navigation is compiled from official documents and topographical reference charts along with digital terrain models.

Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) provides complete control over managing mission critical resources. An updated browser-based user interface allows for dynamic route constructions functionality and optimization capabilities. Navtech's fuel burn calculations feature algorithms that allow users to produce optimized flight plans between any given airport pair taking all regulatory restrictions into consideration. With its advanced route construction tools, NFP is the natural choice for creating routes in complicated airspace. NFP utilizes the power of the browser to create crisp, clear readouts of the flight plan.

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