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Air France-KLM: Rise in passenger traffic (+2.2%) and load factor (+1.5 points) in November

Vicky Karantzavelou - 10 December 2012, 15:23

On the European network, capacity increased just by 0.3%; with traffic up by 3.5%, the load factor improved by 2.2 points to 72.3%.

November 2012 saw traffic rise by 2.2% for capacity up by 0.3%, leading to a 1.5 point gain in load factor to 81.2%. The number of passengers stood at 6.0 million (+2.3%). Unit revenue per available seat kilometer (RASK) ex-currency was higher than that of November 2011.

  • On the Americas network, capacity was reduced by 1% whilst traffic rose 1%. The load factor stood at 85.9% (+1.7 points).
  • The Asia network was dynamic with a rise in both traffic and capacity of 5.4%. The load factor was stable at 82.9%.
  • The Africa and Middle East network recorded a 2.1% rise in traffic while capacity was up 0.7%. The load factor gained 1.1 point to 78.1%.
  • On the Caribbean and Indian Ocean network, the sharp reduction in capacity (-6.7%) exceeded the decline in traffic (-3.2%) leading to a 3.1 point rise in the load factor to 86.3%.
  • On the European network, the application of the Winter season program led to a reduction in capacity, notably on the European network and in regional bases. In total, capacity increased just by 0.3%; with traffic up by 3.5%, the load factor improved by 2.2 points to 72.3%.
Air France-KLM continues to develop its long-haul network: since 29th October, KLM operates three weekly flights, serviced by Airbus A330-200 to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. Air France announced its intention to reinforce the Tokyo route with the launch of an additional daily flight to Tokyo-Haneda as of Summer 2014, when new slots will be allocated for intercontinental flights.

Air France inaugurated ZEPHYR, a new reactor test-bench at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. With an investment of 43 million euros, this new installation will allow the testing of 300 engines per annum, offering an optimum service to clients both in terms of process and cost.

SkyTeam exceeded the level of 1,000 destinations served by its member airlines in 187 countries following the integration of the Chinese carrier, Xiamen Airlines, 19th member of the alliance. This company strengthens the number one position occupied by SkyTeam in Greater China by adding three new hubs - Xiamen, Fuzhou and Hangzhou – combined with a dense domestic network and a rapidly developing international reach.

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