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ENTER 2013 Conference

SoLoMo marketing – a cutting edge issue at ENTER 2013

SoLoMo marketing, a new and innovative research area with a forward-looking direction, will receive special attention at ENTER 2013.
The ENTER 2013 Conference, taking place between the 22nd January and 25th January, 2013 is the ‘place to be’ for academics and tourism practitioners who are keen on staying updated about the latest trends in marketing. SoLoMo marketing is one of these trends that combines the social, locational and mobile features of information that communication technology in travel and tourism. In line with its conference theme ‘Opportunities and Challenges for the next 20 years’ ENTER will give special attention to this forward-looking topic and invited a number of professionals who will demonstrate this new research area in their presentations and case studies.

SoLoMo stands for social-local-mobile and therefore SoLoMo marketing is a term used to describe marketing practices that take advantage of mobile phone apps, which combine location data with social networking. It provides marketers with an effective tool to engage their customers directly with the brand in the digital and real world. Customers, in turn, can benefit from the immediate rewards they receive by simply being in the right place at the right time.

Particular attention to this marketing topic will already be given on the first conference day, the 23rd of January, 2013, where SoLoMo marketing will be outlined in a number of presentations. For example Tine Thygsen, the CEO of Everplaces, will talk about "Sharing places you love on the go, the rise of a new kind of traveller" followed by a presentation from Richard Isaeksen, the manager of the Route of St. Olav who will explain the idea of "Touring the St Olav Way online and on mobile". Further SoLoMo marketing related topics will be presented by Friedrich von Scanzoni and Peter O’Connor.

Due to the increasing importance of SoLoMo marketing, ENTER has additionally arranged a special session called "SoLoMo marketing and context-based services" as a cutting edge issue on the last conference day. This session will be moderated by IFITT president Dimitrions Buhalis and Soultana Symeonidou and will start with an introduction into "SoLoMo marketing opportunities" by Soultana before Yannis Doxaras will present some interesting case studies centred around ‘Context-based mobile marketing – the case of airlines". Further, Timotheos Kastrinogiannis will outline the idea of "Mobile marketing for destinations" followed by Dimitris Serfis who informs his audience about "Hotel applications for location based services".

Research on SoLoMo marketing is still in its infancy but it offers a huge potential for the application in the future.

IFITT President Professor Dimitrios Buhalis said: "SoLoMo marketing is the future of tourism marketing as it combines social media, location and context based marketing as well as mobile devices. Increasingly personalised messages and promotions will reach travellers at the right place at the right time and will engage in social conversation with both the friends and friends of friends, but also with local residents, campaigners and ambassadors. SoLoMo marketing will also support the co-creation of the tourism products towards development memorable tourism experiences. Tourism destinations and organisations that understand SoLoMo marketing will be able to develop their productive engagement with consumers and enhance their competitiveness".

Alongside SoLoMo marketing ENTER 2013 will cover a number of other interesting topics highlighting the latest trends in information and communication technology research in travel and tourism.

ENTER 2013 will take place in the Congress Convention Centre in Innsbruck, Austria.
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