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Hotel renovation

Iconic resort on Lake Geneva undergoes $2m. renovation

Theodore Koumelis - 31 December 2012, 09:54

The Abbey Resort commemorates its 50th anniversary with new renovations and Yearlong celebrations.

FONTANA, WIS. – The Abbey Resort & Spa, located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Wis., will undergo a nearly $2 million renovation in 2013 with plans approved by the Village of Fontana on Dec. 27.  

As the iconic resort turns 50, The Abbey is working with lead designers from BSB Design, Inc., Lowell Management Services, Inc. and Whitespace Interiors, LLC to create a refreshed experience both inside and out. Lowell will begin construction in early January 2013.   

“Our goal was to create an updated look for The Abbey that matches the welcoming feel guests experience from the employees who work there,” said Joe Safin, senior partner at BSB Design, Inc. “We wanted to focus on the areas most used by the guests such as the entries, the restaurant facade and the harbor-scape, which are regularly experienced by the guests during their stay.”

The Abbey’s exterior renovations will update the major outdoor focal points, making them more aesthetically pleasing from the road and from Geneva Lake.Elements of the famed Abbey A-Frame will be added at varying scales throughout the resort, including at significant entrances of the Waterfront Restaurant, the Avani Spa and the harbor side entrance.

The interior renovations include updates to the grand ballroom with new carpeting, wall treatments, window coverings and the women’s relaxation and tranquility areas in the spa.

The renovations are slated for completion in May 2013 and following, the resort will host a 50th Anniversary gala. Throughout 2013, The Abbey is planning a host of activities to commemorate its 50th Anniversary.

“We’re just as excited about the next 50 years at The Abbey Resort as we are about the renovations and upcoming celebrations,” said David Lindelow, general manager of The Abbey Resort. “As a leader in the Midwest travel market, we have 50 years of experience in making guests happy, and we’re ready for another 50 successful years.”

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