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Hotel Concepts-Brilliant rebrands as iTesso

Vicky Karantzavelou - 18 January 2013, 13:38

Global hotel software providers complete final phase of corporate merger with rollout of new name and corporate identity.

BREDA, THE NETHERLANDS & ATLANTA, GA - Five years after two of the hospitality industry's powerhouse technology providers announced their merger, the integration between Hotel Concepts and Brilliant Hotelsoftware has now completed its final phase. The combined company has officially changed its name to iTesso, taking on the identity of its premier product, the iTesso Enterprise Lodging System. Since its launch in 2010, this revolutionary cloud-native hotel enterprise management system has garnered attention from hotel industry technology leaders, providing an ideal platform upon which to base the new corporate brand.

"It was a conscious decision to introduce the new corporate identity gradually, giving our clients and others in the hospitality industry ample time to recognize it and get used to the idea. But the time has come to take that final step and change the company name," says Erik Weller, Paradigm Executive for iTesso. "We cannot stress enough however, that despite the fact that the company name is the same as the name of our latest product, we remain committed to our existing product lines, Hotel Concepts' IDPMS and Brilliant's PMpro. These products continue to receive our full attention. In fact, we have brought on additional developers over the past year, in order to continue to create and maintain new features for these products."

"Creating the cloud-native iTesso system was the logical next step in our product development," Weller continued. "It is similar to the time when we created a Windows application when, prior to that, there was only DOS. We created a cloud-native system because the technology is now available and our customers expect us to offer software that takes advantage of its many benefits. That said, it is important to note that we continue to support all our customers using any software that we have developed. The corporate name change from Hotel Concepts-Brilliant to iTesso shows our commitment to our revolutionary flagship enterprise system, however, and reaffirms our dedication to innovation and leadership in hospitality technology."

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