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Air Canada frequent flyers set for take-off with "Altitude"

Vicky Karantzavelou - 05 March 2013, 12:49

Concurrent with the introduction of a number of enhanced benefits, Air Canada Altitude includes two additional status levels for a total of five.

MONTREAL - Air Canada's re-branded Top Tier frequent flyer recognition program, "Altitude", came into effect today, the carrier announced. Specifically designed to recognize and reward Air Canada's most frequent flyers, Altitude offers members a wide range of travel privileges, rewards and additional status levels. Improved benefits include enhanced priority travel services such as a complimentary checked baggage allowance, higher upgrade priority for higher status members, exclusive partner offers and new incentives such as tier status gifts, as well as the creation of a new dedicated website Altitude members continue to enjoy travel privileges with over 25 Star AllianceTM member airlines.

"We have renamed our Top Tier program Air Canada Altitude and re-designed it to better recognize and reward our most frequent flyers. These changes are the most significant made to the program since we launched Air Canada Super Elite status over 15 years ago," said Craig Landry Air Canada's Vice President, Marketing. "After sharing new developments with members over the past year, we're pleased to mark this day when Altitude's wide range of additional benefits and exclusive perks come into effect. Altitude stands out as one of the leading frequent flyer recognition programs in the world, re-designed to offer Air Canada customers the privileges that are best aligned with their travel frequency and needs."

Altitude Status Levels
Concurrent with the introduction of a number of enhanced benefits, Air Canada Altitude includes two additional status levels for a total of five. Members reach Air Canada Altitude status based on the number of Altitude Qualifying Miles or Altitude Qualifying Segments earned on eligible flights operated by Air Canada and its Star Alliance partners.

Altitude privileges

  • Priority Contacts: Eligible Altitude members have priority access to Air Canada and Aeroplan call centres with new and improved reservation benefits such as complimentary access to Preferred Seats and guaranteed reservations in Economy class.
  • Priority Airport Services: Altitude members enjoy priority check-in and a complimentary checked baggage allowance including waived handling fees for sports equipment. Higher status members such as Super Elite 100K members enjoy exclusive access to Air Canada's personalized Concierge service.
  • Lounge Access: Eligible Altitude members benefit from Air Canada's network of Maple Leaf Lounges offering several complimentary services including business centers, conference rooms, snacks, beverages and free WiFi.
  • eUpgrades:  Altitude members have access to the comfort and premium service of Air Canada's Executive Class (North America) and Executive First (international) cabins with complimentary eUpgrade Credits, featuring a more generous international upgrade eligibility than other frequent flyer recognition programs. Higher status members will now also be able to upgrade Air Canada Vacations reservations as well as Aeroplan ClassicFlight Rewards when traveling in North America.
  • Select Privileges: Altitude members can choose the combination of perks that best suits their travel needs by selecting the privileges they value most including: Bonus Aeroplan® Miles, eUpgrade Credits, access to Air Canada's network of Maple Leaf Lounges, Altitude status for a friend and much more.
  • Threshold Gifts: Altitude Elite 50K members and higher are now able to choose from a range of exclusive gifts as they reach specific Altitude Qualifying Mile thresholds - ranging from Bonus Aeroplan Miles and gift certificates to free hotel stays and high-end electronics.
  • Star Alliance Recognition: Altitude members also benefit from priority services when traveling with over 25 Star AllianceTM airlines around the world, including access to hundreds of airport lounges worldwide for Altitude members identified as Star Alliance Gold.
  • Exclusive Partner Offers: Altitude members are further rewarded by official partners with perks such as accelerated status recognition with major hotel chains and car rental companies, plus exclusive discounts and Bonus Aeroplan Miles.
Air Canada Altitude and Aeroplan
Air Canada Altitude is designed to recognize Air Canada's most frequent flyers with a wide range of premium products and services, such as priority airport services, lounge access and upgrades.

Air Canada Altitude members remain Aeroplan members identified by their Aeroplan Number. They also benefit from Air Canada's partnership with Aeroplan, Canada's premier coalition loyalty program offering a wide range of ways to earn and redeem Aeroplan Miles with over 150 partners.

Previously referred to as 'Status Miles,' Altitude Qualifying Miles are earned and redeemed on eligible Air Canada and Star Alliance member airlines flights, and are used for tracking towards a higher Altitude status. Altitude Qualifying Miles earned on eligible flights are also redeemable Aeroplan Miles, which can be used for Flight Rewards to over 1,000 destinations worldwide.

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