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Brand new A321 “S. Diaghilev” joins Aeroflot fleet

The Aeroflot fleet includes 90 A319/320/321 aircrafts with the average airplane age of 5 years.
MOSCOW — Aeroflot took delivery of A321 airplane. The jet was handed over tothe airline at the Airbus manufacturing plant inHamburg. The aircraft is named in honor of Sergey Pavlovich Diaghilev, Russian theatre and artistic person, famous for his promotion of the national ballet worldwide.

All Airbus aircraft are received by Aeroflot directly from Airbus manufacturing plants. The airplanes are designed in two class composition and can carry 116 (A319), 140 and 158 (A320) and 170 (A321) passengers. These aircraft provide services onEuropean and Russian domestic destinations.Interms ofoperational reliability and actual hours flown per aircraft Aeroflot isamongtheworld leaders.

Airbus A320 family airplanes satisfy the highest reliability, safety and comfort standards and are one of the best for mid-range flights. Presently, Aeroflot’s park counts 143 airplanes. 139 of them were delivered brand new directly from the plants.
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