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Association leaders agree on a common narrative for the Meeting Industry

During a meeting at EIBTM<.> 2002, members of a Coalition Group* agreed on a common definition for the Meetings Industry which…

During a meeting at EIBTM<.> 2002, members of a Coalition Group* agreed on a common definition for the Meetings Industry which is to be used in interacting with governments, economic sectors and the general public, and which emphasizes its value not only to business but also to society as a whole.

The objective in creating the definition is to encourage each Meetings Industry association to use a consistent message to stimulate better overall industry recognition.

The group, all members of the Joint Meeting Industry Council (JMIC) and leaders of key industry associations around the world, will now be taking a standardised but brief description draft to their respective boards for discussion.

This is an important step for an industry that is so often misunderstood and under recognised, said Mr. Tom Nutley, Managing Director of Reed Travel Exhibitions and Chairman of the group.

We hope this definition will provide a simpler and clearer means of identifying and understanding the industry, particularly when communicating, for example, with key influencers, such as regional and national governments and politicians.

Members hope to encourage everyone in the industry to use the same terminology in order that we can get our messages across universally.

We need to be more effective and determined, raising our profile, increasing understanding and ensuring that primary decision makers accept our true value as a high yield economic earner.

For too long, we have been considered the poor relation of the travel and tourism industry. That must change if we are to develop a new and even more successful future.

The general description to be taken to industry association boards for further discussion is:


The meetings industry is a highly tailored sector of business travel, involving corporate and association conferences, meetings and incentive.

The growth of the global meetings industry is predicted to be faster than any other sector to the year 2010. It is high yielding and sustainable, yet is the least recognized international industry.

Operating year-round, the meetings industry makes a major contribution to society and business through research, education and cultural understanding.

The meetings industry helps to regenerate urban and resort areas and stimulates inward investment and export earnings.

JMIC, in conjunction with other key industry groups, is now considering a more specific action plan to take steps which will raise the overall profile of the industry.

There was a general feeling that despite the fact that some parts of the industry is buoyant and confident of the future, there is a strong need to apply important lessons learned from the past nine months and to take advantage of the new opportunities we have to build a greater appreciation of the value of the industry on a global scale. We now believe that we can all work together to achieve these objectives, and the adoption of a common definition provides a basis for doing this.

*Present at the Coalition Group meeting at EIBTM 2002

  • Tom Nutley, RTE

  • Jane Larcombe, RTE

  • Laure Mouton, AIPC

  • Christian Mutschlechner, EFCT

  • Inge Hanser, IAPCO

  • Tuula Lindberg, ICCA

  • Tom Hulton, ICCA

  • Didier Scaillet, MPI

  • Jean Delobel, AIVFC

  • Roger Tondeur, MCI

  • Hugo Slimbrouck, SITE

  • Carolyn Dow, SITE

  • Rod Cameron, Criterion Communications

  • Barbara Maple, AIPC

  • Mary Power, CIC

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