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ATTA launches the ATTA for Action Awards to spotlight meaningful impact in tourism across Africa

ATTA For Action Awards

The African Travel and Tourism Association introduces the ATTA for Action Awards to honor organizations excelling in sustainable and impactful tourism practices across Africa.

LONDON – Marking its 30th anniversary, the African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA) announced the launch of the ATTA for Action Awards. This new programme aims to recognise and celebrate organisations and companies across Africa making significant strides in impactful tourism practices.

The launch of the ATTA for Action Awards comes at a crucial time when the global spotlight on environmental conservation and eco-conscious practices in tourism has never been more intense.

Says Nigel Vere Nicoll, ATTA President: “Conscious tourism is vital for Africa as it promotes environmental preservation, cultural respect, and economic growth that benefits local communities directly. By recognising excellence in this area, ATTA aims to inspire a ripple effect of transformation across all facets of the tourism industry.”

By participating in the ATTA for Action awards, tourism organisations affirm their role as a leader in responsible tourism, demonstrating to peers, partners, and customers their commitment to purposeful travel, Vere-Nicoll adds.

Participants can enter various award categories, each focusing on different aspects of meaningful impact in tourism:

  • Heart for heritage and community champion: Recognises those integrating cultural preservation and community benefits.
  • Ethical wildlife experience: Honours commitments to animal welfare and conservation education.
  • Eco-innovation in hospitality: Celebrates the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices in accommodations.
  • Earth-friendly cuisine: Applauds culinary practices that prioritise local, seasonal produce and waste reduction.
  • Meaningful engagement champion: Highlights initiatives that significantly enhance community wellbeing and eco-conscious practices.
  • Digital storytelling champion: Awards compelling narratives promoting responsible travel.
  • Collaborative champions of climate and social justice: Acknowledges efforts of multiple partners to address climate and social issues innovatively.
  • Traveller education and awareness champion: Recognises educational programmes that promote responsible tourism behaviours.

Vere-Nicoll explains that for the inaugural ATTA for Action Awards, a robust and transparent judging process has been established, ensuring that the highest standards of excellence in eco-
conscious tourism are recognised. The process is overseen by a panel of experts, each a leader in the field of responsible tourism.

Award winners will be celebrated at an exclusive awards ceremony on the evening of 1 July on the side lines of Experience Africa, the flagship event in ATTA’s annual calendar, run by its events division, Experience Africa Events.

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