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BATA raises concerns over ID Cards

Responding to proposals from the Home Office to compel airport workers to be the ‘guinea pigs’ for national identity cards, Roger Wiltshire, Secretary General of the British Air Transport Association (BATA) said: “Airport workers with ‘airside access’ already undergo rigorous and robust security checks. The Home Secretary’s proposals offer no benefits or added value at all as far as we can see. They will however add yet another layer of bureaucracy and millions of pounds of expense for thousands of airport workers and businesses.

“If ID cards are such a good idea and so desperately needed by those working in our airports, then why doesn’t the Government offer to pay for the cost of issuing them?

“This announcement could cause a cynic to think that the Government is looking for a quick and easy win in order to gain headlines and attempt to garner public support for this controversial policy.

“Government should concentrate on reducing the queues at immigration desks in our airports rather than rolling out this half-baked and extremely dubious PR initiative.”

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