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Changes in SITE’s Board of Directors hierarchy

New York: SITE<.> President Carolyn Dow (Head of Sales & Marketing, Scottish Convention Bureau, Edinburgh) has announced that…

New York: SITE<.> President Carolyn Dow (Head of Sales & Marketing, Scottish Convention Bureau, Edinburgh) has announced that Jill Harrington will step down as executive vice president/CEO of the international organization effective March 31st.

"We greatly value the contributions that Jill Harrington has made to the organization and very much regret her decision to leave," Dow told the membership. "We are enormously sorry to be losing Jill, particularly at a time when SITE's standing in the marketplace is so strong."

Harrington advised the board of her decision several months back, however requested that the announcement not be made at that time. "Our industry was facing difficult times in the wake of September 11 and I did not want my decision to consume even a moment's thought during that time period," she explained. Dow made the announcement following the Society's annual International Conference where members voiced confidence in the industry's recovery.

Harrington took the reins of the Society of Incentive & Travel Executives in January 2000 (following a three-month leadership transition period) and turned her attention to the development of sophisticated, focused education and building awareness of the value of incentive programs within the corporate community. During her tenure, SITE has seen audience evaluations of its educational programs rise and earned praise for the development of the first-ever comprehensive educational program to maximize and measure accurate Return on Investment for incentive programs. She has built a strong team of functional experts inside headquarters, has managed the Society through one of the most difficult times in the industry's history, and leaves it with a number of new initiatives in place, including a redesigned Web site aimed at providing greater member value, and sound strategy for increased fiscal strength.

"This has been the toughest decision of my career, however, the Society is now in a position where it would be better served by having a knowledgeable industry leader with a management style and experience better suited to the unique environment of association management," Harrington says. "I believe the strongest contribution I can make to the industry is in the area of education and corporate outreach. In taking on this role, I wanted to help the Society and I believe that I have helped the board of directors move SITE to a new level. I look forward to playing a continuing role in the growth and development of an industry about which I am passionate."

Dow assured SITE members that the leadership transition would be a smooth one and that plans are underway to find a suitable replacement for Harrington. "We are moving quickly to consider options for filling the post, but will not be rushing a decision. We have built a strong team at headquarters who will keep things moving soundly," she concluded. Dow heads up the search committee reviewing candidates for the executive vice president/CEO position.