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CHTA and 7 Pillars join forces to provide new business solutions

Arman Rousta, founder of Blueliner and creator of 7 Pillars.

7 Pillars marketing on demand portal to support member marketing strategies.

MIAMI – The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) has announced a new partnership with business solutions provider, The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing, which is a partner company of Blueliner Marketing. 7 Pillars is a group of professional marketing specialists with experience in teaching and empowering professionals at all levels in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Under the new partnership, CHTA and 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing have launched an exclusive portal for CHTA members called the 7 Pillars Marketing on Demand Portal. The portal offers CHTA members instant access to marketing services at affordable rates delivered by 7 Pillars-certified local and international vendors.

In addition to the paid marketing services and packages, CHTA members have access to free Do-It-Yourself training and educational videos. Topics include tourism marketing, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketing, travel influencer marketing, digital ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CHTA members can access the 7 Pillars Marketing on Demand Portal by logging into their secured membership account.

"The 7 Pillars Marketing on Demand Portal is a new platform tailor-made for CHTA members to allow them to pick and choose from a range of marketing services tied to their needs," says Frank Comito, CHTA's Director General and CEO. "We are very pleased to announce the portal's launch and hope all of our valued CHTA members will take advantage of the digital marketing services and free online marketing education now available to them on an exclusive basis."

Marketing on Demand packages include services such as content audits, creation and strategy; website optimization services; SEO audits, strategy and implementation; Google and social media advertising, audit, set up and strategy; customer relationship management, audience definition, segmentation and email marketing; ROI marketing review and strategy; brainstorming and ideation process; and analytics, review and recommendations.

"We are particularly pleased to partner with 7 Pillars to provide these support services to independent hotels and tourism-related businesses, who can hone in specifically on those areas where they need help. These marketing skills and knowledge are vital for our members as they continually look at ways to increase business and improve their bottom line," adds Comito.

Arman Rousta, founder of Blueliner and creator of 7 Pillars, said "with this platform, we're bringing our in-depth knowledge and two decades in Caribbean travel marketing to larger audiences."

He added: "While breaking through some of the cost prohibitive barriers that have made effective digital marketing inaccessible to smaller hotels and tour operators up until now, we're truly pushing ROI-driven marketing from the C-suite into ubiquity – just as it should be."

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