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Closer links forged between two major worldwide hospitality organizations

A closer working relationship has been forged by the chief executives of two major worldwide hospitality organisations – the…

A closer working relationship has been forged by the chief executives of two major worldwide hospitality organisations – the International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA<.>), representing over 750,000 hospitality operators worldwide; and the Hotel & Catering International Management Association (HCIMA<.>), representing 20,000 individual managers and aspiring managers in over 100 countries across the globe.

Last week, IH&RA chief executive Alain-Philippe Feutre met in Paris with the newly appointed HCIMA chief executive Philippe Rossiter of HCIMA to discuss key issues facing the hospitality industry worldwide, and ways in which the two organisations can support each other in achieving common objectives in the promotion of ‘best management practice’. The meeting proved most productive – resulting in a joint commitment by the two organisations to create links through their respective web-sites, which should benefit the members of both associations.

The forging of closer links between the HCIMA – the London-based professional body for hospitality managers worldwide, and the Paris-based global trade organisation – IH&RA, is timely. It is in line with the continuing rapid growth of the HCIMA’s international influence in the global promotion of ‘best management practice’, and the association’s objective of increasing its worldwide membership – making it a truly international organisation.

Commenting on last week’s meeting at the IH&RA’s offices, Mr Feutre said: The IH&RA is pleased by the appointment of Philippe Rossiter, who brings with him a wealth of hospitality industry experience – from being a former head of the Army School of Catering in the UK, to undertaking the chairmanship and membership of key industry advisory panels to the HCIMA and the UK trade association, the British Hospitality Association; as well as the country’s national training organisation – the Hospitality Training Foundation.

We look forward to a revitalised working relationship with the HCIMA on the critical issues facing the hospitality industry in 2003 and beyond – including environmental and ecological problems, human resources and employee training and development.

Mr Rossiter was equally delighted with the meeting. The HCIMA, he said, welcomes the opportunity of working closely together with the IH&RA – especially as we wish to further strengthen our global influence through developing more fully our international responsibilities. We have 20,000 members in over 100 countries worldwide and this year has seen the election of our first ever internationally-based president-elect – Theo Charalambous FHCIMA, executive director of A Tsokkos Hotels, based in Napa, Cyprus.

Theo, who will become HCIMA president in May 2003, and our 16-strong International Development Committee – under the chairmanship of Dr Chandi Jayawardena FHCIMA – are currently focusing on making the HCIMA a truly international association. Towards this end, last week’s meeting with Alain-Philippe Feutre was part of a series of initiatives – commenced by former HCIMA president David Battersby FHCIMA – to become more involved, especially at a European level, in matters of college course and management training accreditation, as well as management development. Alain-Philippe Feutre’s wide experience at the international level, and specifically in Europe, will prove most helpful in shaping our strategy in this regard.

We look forward very much to developing our working relationship with the IH&RA over the coming years.