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December in Greece: A perfect end to a record-breaking year

Christmas in Athens

While celebrating a record-breaking year as regards foreign tourism, Greece, the ECTAA’s Preferred Destination 2022, is setting a proactive strategy to become a year-round destination. Travel advisors demonstrated their interest to show that Greece is also about cheerful fires blazing in traditional fireplaces.

BRUSSELS – Greece is experiencing one of the best tourism seasons of all time. The number of foreign tourists visiting Greece has sharply increased so far in 2022 despite soaring inflation and the Ukraine war. Numbers have surpassed pre-pandemic levels and are on track to attract more than 33 million visitors.

Greece, it seems, is enjoying an endless summer. Most visitors this autumn came from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Poland. Tourists stemmed, in essence, from countries already setting Greece as a top destination for the Summer. This trend is matching the ambition of Greek government to further extend the tourist season.

“There is a momentum for Greece to transform the country from a summer into a year-round destination. Demand is growing and travel companies are ready not only to ride the wave but to make it bigger”, explained Eric Drésin, secretary general of ECTAA. He added “the success of the webinar let’s spend the winter in Greece organised together with Greek National Tourism Organisation clearly demonstrated the eagerness of travel advisors to better know the business opportunities in Greece in winter.”

Tour operators are announcing they will expand their programs in 2023, investing in the potential of the destination. Travel companies that already promoted city breaks in Athens, which is fabulously festive during the Christmas week, are now planning to diversify their 2023 program to white picturesque villages and snow-covered mountain tops with busy ski centresto the traditional. Rightly so as Christmas day is the second most important festival after Easter in the Greek Orthodox calendar, and 25th of December is celebrated with church services, street carolling and every town will be festooned with traditional decorations.

Based on the latest information received from the industry and considering the repeated commitment of the Greek National Tourism Organisation to make tourism profitable and harmonious, it seems that Greece will maintain the momentum of this year’s tourist season for 2023.

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