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Formation of Tourism Intergroup at European Parliament lifts the sector

The formation of a new Intergroup by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on the subject of Tourism has sparked a coordinated cry of “Bravo!” from the tourism industry across Europe.

A statement signed by the representative organisations of all the major sub sectors of the tourism industry in Europe represented in NET, notably CLIA (cruise lines), ECTAA (travel agents and tour operators), EFCO&HPA (camp sites, holiday parks and holiday villages), ETOA (inbound tourism), HOTREC (hotels, restaurants and cafes), IAAPA (amusement parks and attractions) and the IRU (bus, coach and taxi operators) says:

“We welcome the formation of the new Intergroup on Development of European Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Ways of Saint James’ and other European Cultural Routes, as it recognises the importance of tourism to the wider European community.

Travel & Tourism is responsible for 9% of Europe’s Gross Domestic Product and 22m jobs, 10% of total employment. It is bigger than the automotive industry and bigger than the oil & gas and chemical industries put together. Of all the economic sectors, it has the greatest potential to help Europe emerge from its economic difficulties and to create jobs throughout the economy, including for the millions of young people who are currently struggling to find work. Some activities, such as waiting at tables, looking after holidaymakers and helping to run hotels cannot be outsourced off-shore. They are important first jobs for young people starting in employment.

Europe has the potential to be a more dynamic tourism economy, but reform is urgently needed to create a playing field that is globally competitive on regulation. We need improved administration of the issuance of visas and new measures to make trade across borders easy as well as free. Achieving this needs close collaboration between policy-makers and industry – a dialogue the new Intergroup is ideally placed to facilitate.

Whilst Europe may currently be one of the world’s largest tourism economies and is blessed with an incredibly rich and diverse cornucopia of history, culture and wondrous sights; its long term growth prospects are at the bottom of the rankings in comparison to other regions of the world, just 2.6% per annum GDP growth, compared with 6.7% for South Asia.

An Intergroup is a focus group comprised of MEPs from at least three different political parties, to look at a specific issue or set of issues. It will often consider legislation and convene interested parties. Part of its significance is that MEPs must vote to form an Intergroup and the number of Intergroups is limited to 28 so the formation in itself indicates that the matters being addressed are considered to be an important priority.

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