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Hot issues on HATTA agenda

The prospects for cooperation between travel agencies and the transport industry were raised at the first public discussion…

The prospects for cooperation between travel agencies and the transport industry were raised at the first public discussion recently hosted by the Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies (HATTA<.>).

Last week HATTA launched a series of one-day seminars aimed at exchanging views and improving coordination within the tourism industry as well as helping to solve problems facing the sector.

The first seminar focused on transport – by air, sea and road – and travel agencies. Travel agents attending the event posed questions to a panel on ways of cooperating in terms of bookings, ticketing, commission and service.

Issues raised during the discussion on sea travel included the monopolistic policies followed by certain members of the passenger shipping sector, the lack of a unified bookings system, direct selling, falling commission rates, the merging of travel agents, and the Internet's impact.

Transport representatives emphasised the good working relations they share with travel agents. HATTA chairman Yiannis Evangelou said that the two groups could use technological advances to their advantage, for example, in cutting costs.

Speakers agreed there was a need to revise the institutional and legal framework of the shipping industry. They said that upgrading ports like that of Lavrio and opening new ones would assist in easing Piraeus' burden.

In the section concerning air travel, speakers noted that higher landing fees at the new international airport in Spata would increase general operating costs, making it Europe's second most expensive airport to run.

During the forum on road transport, travel agents expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of coordination with the state-run transport system, the lack of modern services and the government's inaction in terms of initiatives on coach travel.

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