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ICCA launches Global Advocacy Alliance in partnership with European CVB Alliance and IMEX 2023

How can National Convention Bureaux leverage their influence for Sustainability?

“Progressive Advocacy” is not a requirement but it’s a fundamental necessity for the business events industry to highlight and emphasise its relevance, importance to global enablers, policy makers, industry stakeholders and the global business events community. The ICCA advocacy alliance will become a trailblazing advocacy platform and will serve as a voice of our industry, with the contribution of all stakeholders across the globe.

ICCA’s Role

ICCA – being the global meetings industry association – has the outreach to initiate a purposeful and decisive advocacy platform which can serve the business events industry, support the members in every local, national and regional policy matter/s, and elevate the position of the industry as a global economic driver and socio-economic developer.

ICCA will serve as a platform, create dialogue amongst members at all levels. Get destinations to share their best practices and approaches regarding advocacy so the other destinations can learn and implement in their respective cities and countries. National CVB’s, Association community and industry leaders will serve as Ambassadors to widen the advocacy efforts. In other words, the ICCA community – wherever they are based across the world – will be part of this exciting initiative.

ICCA – working in close collaboration with IMEX and the EUCVB alliance – is delighted to share the next stage of our unique working partnership undertaken under the auspices of the Strategic Alliance of National Bureaux of Europe.

This marks a major step towards the sustainable growth of the global business and events industry and is something we believe National Convention Bureaux from across the world can share and utilise. The initiative advocates a strong leadership role for our industry and the National Convention Bureaux, that will help transform the local communities we serve.

The collaboration brings together a wealth of expertise and resources from a range of fields, including environmental science, technology, business and community development. By working in unison to share knowledge, we believe we will reach more people with our message and set a working framework for sustainability measures in our industry and beyond. All members of the alliance are excited about the next part of this project. Speaking at IMEX23, Frankfurt.

ICCA CEO, Senthil Gopinath says: “This is such important work and ICCA is delighted to bring our global influence to the Advocacy Alliance initiative. We are the industry who provide a link between business, the policy makers, and the people. The promotion of sustainability initiatives is fundamental for both our business and our world. This collaboration will keep this ongoing objective at the top of our working agenda.”

CEO IMEX Group, Carina Bauer said: “In order to make great strides in sustainability, collaboration and sharing best practice are both essential. This is where the Advocacy Alliance can make a real difference – all three organisations share a strong desire to step up and make the environment a key priority for our sector.”

MD, German Convention Bureau, Matthias Schultze commented: “We accept the responsibility our industry has and invite all to join us in our best efforts to promote sustainability at all levels to help make the world a better place. We look forward to sharing outcomes from the Advocacy Alliance is due course.”

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