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India lacks of exhibition facilities says UFI

The findings of an exhibition industry review in India has been presented by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry to representatives of the exhibition industry in a series of…

The findings of an exhibition industry review in India has been presented by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry to representatives of the exhibition industry in a series of meetings with Indian officials and potential UFI members in Mumbai on April 25 and will be also shown in Delhi on April 27. During their stay in India, the UFI delegation will present the association and its future role in supporting the development of the Indian exhibition industry.

The UFI delegation includes Jochen Witt, UFI President, Vincent Gerard, UFI Managing Director, Mr. Ravinder Sethi, Member of the UFI Board of Directors and Chairman of IELA, the International Exhibition Logistics Associates.

The findings of the UFI study confirm the serious lack of purpose-built exhibition facilities in a country whose geographic surface, population and steadily growing economy, place it among the world’s largest potential markets. In looking at the world’s two emerging economic giants, China and India, it is interesting to note that China currently has eight times the exhibition space and more than three times the number of professionally organized exhibitions when compared with India.

Jochen Witt, UFI President, pointed out that “as India continues to develop the purchasing potential ofits vast domestic market, the need for developing its exhibition infrastructure becomes increasinglyessential for economic growth.”

Currently there are only 14 purpose-built exhibition centres providingan indoor exhibition space of 205,785sq.m. Of these, only 3 have space exceeding 20,000sq.m. No exhibition centre exceeds 70,000sq.m of available indoor exhibition space. New Delhi and Mumbai alone represent 70% of the nation’s dedicated exhibition capacity.

As in any developing economy, steps are being made to meet the demands made by increasingly robust manufacturing and service sectors. Three new exhibition facilities are on the horizon, and the nation’s 55 show organizers are continually developing new exhibition themes. The creation of partnerships and joint-ventures with foreign exhibition organisations is also driving the industry standard forward. But as India’s industrial engineering, garment, transport equipment and IT/telecoms sectors continue to develop in this nation representing Asia’s fourth largest economy, the shortfall in professional exhibition facilities will become increasingly acute.

Data on exhibitions varies widely from one source to another and audited statistics on exhibitor and visitor numbers are virtually non-existent. The credibility of the exhibition industry would be much enhanced by the development of a strong exhibition industry association which could establish national guidelines and standards.

UFI has only seven members in India and has recognised the “UFI Approved” quality of three of their exhibitions. Vincent Gerard, UFI Managing Director encouraged the industry saying, “as the Indian exhibition industry develops, UFI looks forward to welcoming many new quality trade fair organizers and exhibition centres into our ranks. At UFI, the exchange of information and knowledge contributes to the continuing advancement of our trade fair sector and, more consequently, to a country’s overall economic development.”

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