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Less than 1% of the tourists choose railway transportation

According to ATOR Analytical Service, the Russians travel by train only through the country. Only 1% of the tourists go aboard by train.

As for the notion “railway tourism” the respondents affirm that it exists now only in the minds of the tour operators. According to them, railway journey means accommodation on a train (overnights in the long-distance trains). For example, trips of the foreign tourists from Europe via the Trans-Siberian Railway. But such service is not very popular among the Russians due to the high cost of the journey.

Nevertheless, the Russian tourists usually travel by train through the country: from 50% to 80% of the tourists of the operators of domestic tourism choose the trains. The majority of the tourists travel to Krasnodarskiy krai by train (80%). The rest of the travellers go by train to St. Petersburg (10%) and other regions of Russia (10%).

As for the outbound tourism the situation is a bit different. The number of the tourists who prefer to travel by train doesn’t exceed 1% of all the travellers by train. The majority of them prefer railway journey due to some objective reasons (fear of flights, medical contraindications, etc). The most popular destinations among the respondents were Finland with the share of 75% of all the number of railway travellers; then went Czech Republic (5%), Hungary (5%), Baltic States (5%), France (2%) and other countries (8%).

[Source: ATOR]

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