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Path paved for new standard to govern future CO2 aviation emissions

Metric for aviation emissions established

The ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) reached a critical milestone by formally establishing the metric that will form the basis of a new ICAO CO2 standard. The final agreement on the standard was made during a meeting in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 

Since 2010, when the ICAO Council directed CAEP to develop the standard, ICCAIA, alongside ICAO member states, intergovernmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, has worked extensively to develop a robust, fair and equitable metric system.  The way is now set for CAEP to complete the work on a new standard that will achieve reductions in aviation fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by addressing aircraft technological improvements.

The new metric system defines how aircraft CO2 emissions can be evaluated in a manner that is relevant to its operation. It is based on fuel used per unit distance at three different cruise conditions, which represents a broad spectrum of aircraft utilization. In order to cope with the wide range of aircraft sizes, the metric accounts for fuselage geometry and maximum take-off weight.

The aerospace industry is committed to continued efficiency improvements through technological improvements, operational efficiencies, airspace redesign and the introduction of sustainable alternative fuels. Not only are aircraft 70 percent more fuel efficient than 50 years ago, but the industry has committed to carbon neutral growth after 2020. This standard will be a vital addition to the basket of measures that the industry can use to achieve its carbon emission reduction goals.

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