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More time for TFWA Asia Pacific workshops

More time has been allocated to workshops on key issues affecting the travel retail industry at TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore this month…

More time has been allocated to workshops on key issues affecting the travel retail industry at TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore this month following feedback from delegates at last year`s event.

Seminars and meetings during the week will also provide updates on the activities of other industry groups such as the Duty Free World Council, the new regional travel retail association in Asia Pacific, the Middle East Duty Free Association, and the European Travel Retail Council regarding the tobacco issue.

The three workshops which follow the TFWA Asia Pacific Conference on Monday 16th May are very much focused on the consumers TFWA serves and address issues of pivotal importance to the industry in the region.

Thom Rankin, TFWA Vice-President: Asia Pacific is a very dynamic and diverse marketplace. The Chinese traveller today is reminiscent of where the Japanese were 15 years ago, but the learning curve is much steeper. The best way to keep pace with these changes year on year is through platforms such as these workshops and the critical consumer research that TFWA produces each year. The low cost carrier phenomenon, for example, is a cutting edge issue and the jury is still out as to the impact it will have on retail revenues in Asian terminals.

We are delighted to have secured Lord Patten as our keynote speaker at the Conference plenary session. As EU Commissioner he was unable to speak publicly so we had to wait until he retired from his post. He is an historic figure to say the least – last Governor of Hong Kong and for many the embodiment of the dawning of the Pacific Century. It will be a dynamic, not-to-be-missed keynote.

TFWA Asia Pacific Workshops, Monday 16th May 11.00-12.30:

  • Workshop 1: `Low Cost Carriers and the Next Generation Passengers`

    Peter Harbison, Managing Director of the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, will lead a critical analysis of the impact of low cost carriers and new markets on travel retail. MasterCard International`s Economic Advisor Asia/Pacific, Dr. Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, will share insights from a landmark study that examines the impact of LCCs on the airline industry in Asia/Pacific while a low cost carrier presents its view.
  • Workshop 2: `Understanding the Chinese Traveller`

    Led by AC Nielsen China`s Managing Director Glen Murphy, this session explores the spending power, shopping behaviour and preferences of Chinese travellers including key findings from TFWA`s study of Chinese travellers. Beijing Tourism Administration`s Assistant Director Grace Li will contribute insights on the purchasing behaviour of Chinese travellers.
  • Workshop 3: `Japanese Travellers: The Big Spenders Today & Tomorrow`

    Mariko Fujiwara, Senior Research Analyst of the Hakuhoda Institute for Life and Living explores the important demographic shifts taking place in Japanese society in the next 10 years. Cliff Tan, Director of Citigroup`s Economic & Market Analysis, will look at developments in currency, GDP growth, job outlook, corporate spending and consumer confidence. A leading retailer will contribute its perspective on consumer behaviour.

    European Travel Retail Council- Tobacco Workshop

    Tuesday 17th May 08.30-09.30

    Open meeting to update the industry on the status of the global industry`s campaign to retain tobacco products as part of the overall duty free offer to travellers. With the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) becoming international law on 27th February 2005, there is now even more pressure on countries to implement the legal provisions of the treaty. Even though the clause on duty free is non-mandatory, the World Health Organisation and the tobacco control community are advocating action against the duty free trade to show commitment to global tobacco control.

    The above conference, workshops and meetings take place in the Singapore Suntec Centre.