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Negative political attitude towards aviation sparks ERA campaign

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA<.>) has embarked on a Positive Images Campaign in an attempt to counteract the negative…

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA<.>) has embarked on a Positive Images Campaign in an attempt to counteract the negative attitude of European politicians and regulators towards the regional aviation industry.

By using a series of 'Infoverts' to get its message across, the campaign aims to create greater awareness of the important role played by European regional airlines and airports, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, in both protecting the environment and in extending the social and economic benefits of aviation into Europe's regions.

The 'Infoverts' highlight the fact that a large proportion of the 1130 aircraft operated by ERA's 80 member airlines are equipped with new technology, fuel-efficient engines which have a very low noise signature. A further point being conveyed is that through the operation of these high performance, environmentally-friendly aircraft, airlines have been able to develop new point-to-point services, and in so doing have helped to create employment at regional airports and in the communities that surround them.

Mike Ambrose, ERA's Director General, commented, "The members of the Board of ERA have strongly supported this initiative. It has been developed to counteract the negative views frequently expressed by politicians and aviation authorities, who have made no attempt to assess the real value of regional aviation. Instead they seem to be intent on forcing passengers from the regions to travel by surface transport and generally undervaluing the economic and social importance of intra-European air operations."

Andre Dose, President and CEO of Crossair and an adviser to the ERA Board added, "This whole campaign is designed to dispel a number of myths concerning regional aviation and we are fully behind it."

Endorsement from manufacturers' representatives on the Board was expressed by John Howarth of Bombardier Aerospace who commented: "The manufacturers of regional aircraft are very supportive of this campaign.

We will do everything we can to encourage the airline members of ERA to use the advertising copy in their own in-house publications, to give the whole campaign critical mass and to promote the very real benefits of European regional aviation to a far wider audience."

The 'infoverts' have so far been published in both the July and August/September editions of ERA's REGIONAL International publication, and a further 3 in the series will be published in the October (General Assembly) edition. The campaign will also be promoted during the ERA General Assembly conference, taking place at the Inter-Continental Hotel, Athens, Greece from 10-12 October, and will continue to run throughout 2002.

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