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Currently available in Atlanta, is adaptable for nationwide expansion

New online tee time booking engine puts control back into owners hands

In an effort to regain control over pricing and tee time availability from third party booking engines, the Georgia Golf Course Owners Association (GGCOA), with support from the National Golf Course Owners Association, announced the launch of to offer a solution that benefits both golfers and course management. The new service was created in collaboration with course owners, golf professionals, online tee time experts and other golf associations to develop a service model that provides users with the most convenient and easy to use booking experience for golfers, while allowing course owners to control the price and availability for their own course.

Developed to create a more competitive landscape and to help course owners regain control of their tee time inventory, Play18 is free for courses to participate, no trade times required, and 100 percent of the green and cart revenue goes directly to the courses. The service works by pulling available tee times directly from the golf courses’ website, where the best available price can be found. For added convenience, users create a personalized account where they can list their favorite courses, receive special promotional codes and have access to exclusive rewards offered directly by the courses.

"The current third party online tee time service that is available today is grossly taking advantage of the distressed course owners by offering extremely low rates that are damaging to the course as well as the entire golf industry,"
said Joe Guerra, president of GGCOA. "Play18 is a win for everyone. It provides golfers with the best price possible while giving course owners full control of how they price and list their available tee times."