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Statement by the Secretary-General of ASEAN on Situation in Thailand

S. Pitsuwan: The situation in Bangkok is affecting stability in the region

ASEAN Secretariat, 12 April 2010 In response to the enquiries from the media about the current situation in Thailand, the Secretary-General of ASEAN, Dr Surin Pitsuwan, issues the following statement:

“The deteriorating situation in Thailand between demonstrators and government security forces in Bangkok has caused a serious concern among ASEAN Member States and the world at large. The situation is affecting the confidence in the security and stability in the region and if it is left to fester and escalate, it could lead to more violence and losses of lives. This will tarnish the good reputation of Thais as a peace-loving nation, and of Thailand as a source of prosperity and stability in the ASEAN region. I call upon all Thai parties concerned to exercise a maximum self-restrain and to seek a quick renegotiated settlement through dialogue and reconciliation as soon as possible. ASEAN stands ready to extend any appropriate support to help diffuse the situation without interfering into internal affairs of Thailand, if requested.”

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