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UFI and SISO are industry associations with similar objectives

UFI and SISO forge alliance to bring their members closer together

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and SISO, the Society of Independent Show Organizers, have agreed to share knowledge and information among their respective exhibition industry members. SISO, created in 1990, has over 160 members primarily based in the United States. UFI, founded in 1925, currently has members in 82 countries that organize international exhibitions, operate venues and provide exhibition services. UFI, members also include national and international associations of the exhibition industry. While UFI and SISO are industry associations with similar objectives, the membership of both consists of exhibition related organisations that essentially operate in different geographic regions. The two associations recognize that the benefits of membership in the two entities can be considered

With this agreement, UFI and SISO have agreed to work together for the mutual benefit of their members and the advancement of the global trade show industry. Association members will benefit from a greater exchange of ideas, research and data related to the exhibition industry in their respective geographic regions. The members of each association will gain from the assistance and support that will be shared as they grow their brands into countries outside their traditional areas. Britton Jones, Chairman of SISO stated, “This agreement will offer our members an unprecedented opportunity to grow their respective brands outside of the USA with the knowledge and assistance of our international partners that will make their expansions efficient and cost effective. At the same time SISO will act as the eyes and ears of the U.S. market as UFI members seek opportunities outside of their primary markets. It’s a win-win for both of our Association’s members.”

SISO and UFI recognize that by working together they can assist their respective members to understand the business climate and culture of the other party’s area of geographic emphasis. John Shaw, UFI President, stated, “This agreement will encourage a new synergy as both associations, recognizing the unique benefits of the global exhibition industry for enhancing world trade, cooperate in promoting the industry, maximizing networking opportunities and heightening the general public’s awareness of the value of the exhibition industry.”