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World Summit adopts groundbreaking format to drive change

The 4th Global Travel & Tourism Summit will take on a groundbreaking format in order to promote…

The 4th Global Travel & Tourism Summit will take on a groundbreaking format in order to promote genuine, lively discussion, to encourage the leaders of the industry to express their opinions candidly and to drive change.

Unlike the majority of commercial and political conferences that are effectively a procession of speeches, with a very small amount of time built in for questions, the Summit will revolve around a series of highly interactive discussions, moderated by internationally recognised journalists and TV presenters, who will expect and request contributions from the audience.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has taken this approach for three principal reasons. First, the Summit attracts very high-level delegates who are all prominent and influential business people, with voices of equal authority. Second, this style of meeting will be much more engaging and third, with the declared objective of driving change, it will maximise the opportunity for input from all parts of the industry.

The agenda has been set to assist the meeting to tackle issues progressively so that the most fundamental ones are addressed first and, as far as possible, either consensus or a majority view is gained on them before moving on.

Reflecting the emphasis on dialogue, the Summit will be staged in the round, with hot seats on a central stage for experts and business leaders who will be lead contributors. In advance of the event, delegates will be polled for their views and will be informed that they will be expected to make a contribution as well as listen to others.

The major questions that will be debated include:

  • What are the latest global trends and what impact will they have?

  • What are the best strategies for the changing environment?

  • What are the main challenges faced by governments and how will they be met?

  • What can be done on an industry level to improve customer experiences?

  • In the face of bad news, how do we prevent unnecessary panic?

Jean-Claude Baumgarten, WTTC President said: Our intention is to inject dynamism and spontaneity in to all the sessions – yes. However, more than that we want the outcome of the 4th Global Travel & Tourism Summit to be an expression of what the industry considers to be the main challenges it faces and a consensus view on the changes that will be required to nurture the green shoots of the recovery in 2004.

The Summit will be attended by Chairmen and CEOs of hundreds of top Travel & Tourism companies, dozens of the world`s leading travel and business journalists and numerous government officials. They will gather at the Sheraton Doha from May 1 – 3 (immediately before the Arabian Travel Market).

As one would expect from a meeting of this level, the networking will be unparalleled and participants will have a genuine opportunity to influence the future direction of Travel & Tourism.