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Tower Bridge visitor attraction unveils long-term plan

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Visitor Attraction launches ‘Tower Bridge in Motion’ plan, creating a new Associate Director role to drive community engagement and sustainability.

As the Tower Bridge visitor attraction embarks on its next chapter, it has created an ambitious, newly-developed long-term development plan: ‘Tower Bridge in Motion –Strengthening connections to redefine London’s leading landmark’. The plan aims to expand the Visitor Attraction’s footprint, enhance accessibility, and deepen engagement with its diverse local communities. This will include the development of community spaces, activities and charitable support. To help deliver this plan, City Bridge Foundation announced the creation of a new and pivotal role, Associate Director of the development plan.

The successful candidate in the newly established role will be instrumental in driving the forward-thinking action plan. The new Associate Director will be charged with delivering on these essential values, ensuring that the Tower Bridge Visitor Attraction remains a beacon of progressive and sustainable development. The role will focus on enhancing community relations, advancing sustainable practices, promoting equity, and fostering an inclusive environment for all visitors and staff.

We are excited to introduce this crucial position at such an exciting time for Tower Bridge Visitor Attraction,” said Chris Earlie, Tower Bridge Director. “Our long-term development plan is driven by a strong purpose, and the Associate Director will play a vital role in realising our vision for a more inclusive and sustainable future. This role will help us to ensure that Tower Bridge not only remains an iconic landmark but continues to become a cutting-edge and progressive Visitor Attraction for generations to come.”

From a historic river crossing to a multifaceted cultural icon, the bridge has undergone significant transformation over its history. Through conscious development and innovative initiatives, it has evolved into a leading visitor attraction, embodying the spirit of London’s heritage while embracing modernity.

The Associate Director, Tower Bridge in Motion, will report to Chris Earlie, Tower Bridge Director and their key responsibilities within the Visitor Attraction will include:

  • Leading initiatives to enhance community engagement and partnerships.
  • Developing and implementing sustainability programmes that reduce the environmental impact of operations.
  • Promoting equity and inclusivity in all aspects of activities and services.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to align development projects with the overarching goals of the long-term plan.
  • City Bridge Foundation and Tower Bridge are looking for candidates from the cultural and museums sector with a strong background in community engagement, sustainability,
    and inclusivity, as well as proven experience in driving organisational change. This role offers a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on one of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

City Bridge Foundation is the charity that owns and maintains five key bridges in London, including Tower Bridge. Since 1995, the philanthropic organization has also used surplus funds to award grants to other charities across Greater London. These charitable initiatives focus on areas such as education, employment, health and community development. Through strategic partnerships and innovative grant-making, City Bridge Foundation is driving meaningful change for London’s residents.