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Giota Moschopoulidou

Scientific Editor TravelDailyNews International

Giota Moschopoulidou is a graduate of Tourism Business Management and a Graduate of the Postgraduate Diploma of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a scientific specialization in "Tourism and Regional Development". She is professionally active as Scientific Tourism Development Consultant, with many years of experience in the spectrum of tourism development and specialization in Tourism Marketing and Regional Development. As a scientific editor of TravelDailyNews, she writes on Development/Sustainability/Innovation-Technology/Alternative Forms of Tourism and Culture issues. She is responsible for the scientific book presentations of tourism.

The innovation of the book "Routledge Handbook of Trends and Issues in Global Tourism Supply and Demand", lies in the

The book defines and provides a systematic classification scheme for sustainable development trends and issues in the public and private

The book, by Roya Rahimi, Babak Taheri, and Dimitrios Buhalis, is an essential volume for anyone researching the sharing economy

Smart Cities and Tourism: The co-creation of experiences, challenges and opportunities provides new knowledge of current issues, opportunities and concepts

The book includes 16 chapters and case studies of cutting-edge research (macro, meso and micro) on the latest technological developments