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Naveen Dittakavi

Founder and CEO, Next Vacay Next Vacay

Naveen Dittakavi is an airfare search savant whose proprietary software helps everyday people realize their goals of traveling internationally sooner rather than later. An entrepreneur for over 25 years, he’s been designing software programs since 1996 and holds a patent in data retrieval systems. From early on, he’s been fascinated with creating software products that make people lives easier. He knows that it’s too easy to put off international travel until retirement because it seems out of reach.

After finding an incredible flight deal in 2014, he turned his passion for travel and his entrepreneurial spirit toward building a system so that others could share in the experience. Naveen has garnered coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world including Business Insider, GrowthLab, The Ringer, Entrepreneur on Fire, and Cheddar.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

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