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Philia Tounta

General Manager Apokoros Villas

Philia Tounta MBA, Ba, Di, is General Manager at Apokoros Club Hotel Craft Deco & Activities - Apokoros Villas. Also, Customer Service Manager Thamiris Hotel-Studios-Villa, Travel & Hospitality Consultant-Hotelice, Tourism Ambassador HTS and a freelance writer (,,,, etc) - Rapporteur.

It's common sense that smaller, independent hotels might not be able to afford the fees that come with applying for

Undoubtedly political instability and war will have a devastating and three dimensional impacts. It would paralyze tourism industry (even in

The past year teaches us to remember the lesson not the disappointment. It must be a reset year for a

Greece’s competitive positioning should be rooted in both leisure destination as well as an environment full of opportunities inspired by

Worldwide Tourism and hospitality industry is very badly affecting by pandemics, because of the nature of the business which is

Mass Tourism is under assault by many critics who accuse it of environmental degradation. So, what is more achievable; to

Sadly we are not living in an angelic world. Guess what: Reviews CAN be either fake, not written freely or

YES, Greek Tourism has grown in visitor numbers, but the way they think and manage the increase in numbers is

Greece’s uniqueness lies in its small scale of existence, its spontaneity, its hospitality and its culture. Tourism in Greece was

The sensation is different in small local boutique hotels to big insipid multinationals. The idea is to choose more intimate,