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AGlaze paint sealant relaunched to airline customers

A GainJet B737 with an AGlaze finish.

AGlaze International reintroduces its enhanced paint sealant technology to the aviation industry, promising improved durability, gloss retention, and sustainability, aligning with green practices and supported by Gryphon Aviation Partners.

As the aviation industry embraces greener practices, AGlaze International, a leading British innovator in paint sealant technology, reintroduce its enhanced formula to the commercial airline market.  Its relaunch follows the award of ISO 9001 certification, compliance with Airbus and Boeing standards; approvals from several business aircraft manufacturers and the exclusive engagement of Gryphon Aviation Partners (UK) Ltd. as its global marketing agency.

AGlaze’s advanced sealant forms a flexible, durable barrier that fills microscopic irregularities in painted surfaces. This results in a glossy, drag-reducing finish that protects against UV damage and facilitates easy removal of grime and pollutants.

Mike Cappuccitti, a veteran aviation professional with a rich background at BAE, Alan Mann Aviation and Bombardier, leads Gryphon’s worldwide network of sales associates.  The network spans the USA, Brazil, UK, Nigeria, Uganda, Dubai, Bangalore, and Kuala Lumpur, with further plans for expansion into mainland Europe, Australasia, and the Far East.

United Airlines’ experience with AGlaze

United Airlines previously painted two aircraft within 18 days of each other, treating one with AGlaze and leaving the other untreated. Over eight months, the untreated aircraft’s gloss diminished by 14%, while the treated one maintained its shine.

AGlaze consistently preserves an aircraft’s paint life, offering significant cost savings as a full aircraft paint job is a substantial investment,” Mike Cappuccitti noted. “It also positively enhances an airline’s brand image, delivering a clean, glossy appearance which every airline desires.”

AGlaze reduces parasitic drag by approximately 1.3% (verified by the UK’s Aircraft Research Association in its transonic wind tunnel), cutting direct operating costs and emissions. It rejuvenates and maintains aircraft colour schemes, enhancing appearance and gloss. Additionally, AGlaze reduces the frequency of cleaning, conserving water and detergents, improving aircraft availability, and saving manpower—benefits that align with sustainability goals.

The application of AGlaze Aviation Sealant is straightforward and efficient, requiring no specialist equipment, buffing, or curing time. An Airbus A320 or Boeing B737 can be treated by a team of five in about five hours, without the need for a hangar or dedicated cleaning bays, and no specific training is required. “AGlaze offers numerous benefits, positively impacting airlines’ ESG goals, financial performance, and brand image,” Mike concluded.

“We are thrilled to relaunch our solution for aviation, supported by the exceptional talent at Gryphon Aviation Partners,” said Michael Bollom, AGlaze Chair. “The team’s  extensive experience in the commercial aviation sector, engineering expertise and strong airline relationships, makes them an invaluable partner. We look forward to a successful collaboration.”

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