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Air France presents new airport experience for La Première passengers transiting through Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Air France
Private lounge of the new La Première check-in lobby, rendering (Photo: Air France).

This summer, Air France introduces a dedicated La Première check-in lobby and private suites at Paris-CDG, enhancing the airport experience with exclusive services and French elegance.

Air France continues to enhance La Première, the airline’s most exclusive service. As the airline prepares to unveil its new La Première cabin next winter, it is getting ready to inaugurate a new and exclusive passenger airport experience this summer, featuring a dedicated check-in lobby and suites. The goal: to provide an even smoother and entirely private journey through Paris-Charles de Gaulle beginning in July, just in time for the opening of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, of which Air France is an official partner.

Air France

The new La Première check-in lobby, rendering (Photo: Air France).

A new dedicated check-in lobby

Upon arrival at the airport, every La Première guest is warmly welcomed by a dedicated concierge who promptly attends to their luggage. Starting this summer, guests will then be guided to a newly established exclusive check-in lobby, marking the initial step in their personalized journey through the airport. Here, an attentive Air France team will manage all departure-related procedures, encompassing check-in and luggage assistance. This area, furnished with 15 seats and two private lounges, ensures enhanced privacy for guests*. The check-in lobby will also cater to La Première passengers arriving at the airport. Customers will have the option to relax post-flight, avail themselves of shower facilities if desired, and retrieve their checked baggage.

Acting as a tranquil haven amidst the bustling airport environment, this lobby embodies French elegance and sophistication. Meticulously crafted by Air France experts in collaboration with the SGK Brandimage agency, its design seamlessly combines individualized spaces while preserving an overall sense of expansiveness. Decorated in a palette of white and gray accented with touches of red, the lobby boasts abundant natural light and showcases exquisite furnishings from renowned French designers such as Pierre Paulin and Christophe Pillet. Every detail, from the precise stitching to the luxurious upholstery, exudes an aura of haute couture.

Once formalities are concluded, each guest will be escorted to the La Première lounge via an exclusive private passage featuring a dedicated security checkpoint. Along this pathway, a series of images portraying the airline’s iconic winged seahorse will immerse guests in the distinctive world of La Première, serving as a captivating accompaniment throughout their journey.

Air France

Private patio of a suite in the La Première lounge, rendering (Photo: Air France).

An exclusive lounge reserved for La Première passengers

Crafted by architect Didier Lefort, the Air France La Première lounge epitomizes exclusivity, spanning an impressive 1,000 square metres (10,700 square feet). This sanctuary offers guests tranquil retreats, exuding a sense of serenity and the promise of an extraordinary experience. Gastronomy naturally commands the spotlight, featuring a meticulously curated menu and wine selection crafted by Alain Ducasse and his esteemed team. Nestled at the heart of the lounge is a luxurious spa and beauty treatments area, operated by Sisley, the pioneering French brand renowned for its plant-based cosmetology.

New suites connected to the lounge

For the utmost privacy prior to a journey or during layovers, La Première passengers will now have the option to reserve exclusive suites spanning nearly 45 square meters (nearly 500 square feet), conveniently located adjacent to the La Première lounge. Three suites will be available, with the option to adjoin two of them upon request.

Upon arrival in these serene havens, guests will be personally guided through the suite options and amenities by a dedicated butler. Each suite will feature a spacious living area, a bedroom with a double bed, a well-appointed bathroom, and a comfortable outdoor patio. Guests will have the opportunity to indulge in a specially curated menu crafted by Alain Ducasse and his team for the La Première lounge, as well as access the renowned Sisley spa. Adorned with fresh flowers, luxurious linens, and haute-couture finishes, the aim is to create a regal atmosphere within Air France’s Paris-Charles de Gaulle hub.

In alignment with the architectural style of the check-in lobby and La Première lounge, the suites will embody a variation of privacy pods. Each suite will boast its own distinct character, meticulously curated through thoughtfully designed decor. Air France has meticulously selected iconic examples of French design, including Charlotte Perriand’s writing table, Pierre Paulin’s Ribbon chair, and Philippe Starck’s Privé sofa. Additionally, each suite will feature a unique artwork by a French artist, adding a touch of cultural richness to the luxurious surroundings.

Air France

New suites of the La Première lounge, rendering (Photo: Air France).

This new private airport journey and access to the La Première lounge are included as part of Air France’s La Première service. The airport suites are offered as an option.
A new La Première cabin coming soon.

Following the implementation of Air France’s new exclusive airport experience, the airline will shift its focus towards introducing its extensively redesigned La Première cabin in winter 2024-25. Setting a new standard in length, this cabin will boast the longest configuration on the market, offering five windows to passengers. Moreover, it will showcase up to three modular and entirely private living spaces, enhancing the journey with a truly exceptional travel experience: a seat, a chaise lounge, and a flat bed. With this innovative configuration, La Première will be extended across a greater number of aircraft compared to its current deployment.

As of summer 2024, Air France will have 19 Boeing 777-300 ERs outfitted with La Première suites, flying to Abidjan, Dubai, Los Angeles, Miami, New York-JFK, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Tokyo-Haneda and Washington.


*Private lobby lounges reserved for passengers enrolled in La Première’s “suites” option.

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