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Antwerp Airport welcomed first flight to Oujda and prepares for Summer vacation

Antwerp Airport
(Photo: Jonas Evrard).

Antwerp Airport expands summer offerings with new flights to Oujda, Morocco, and twelve other sun destinations via TUI fly and ASL Fly Executive.

Antwerp Airport is ready to welcome travelers this summer with a diverse range of sun-drenched destinations, thanks to TUI fly and ASL Fly Executive. From relaxing beach holidays to adventurous trips and visits to friends and family, there is something for everyone. With the new destination Oujda, travelers can now also easily fly to the east of Morocco.

Antwerp Airport

(Photo: Jonas Evrard).

New Destination: Oujda

On Wednesday, June 26, the first TUI fly flight to Oujda departed from Antwerp Airport, making this destination, alongside Tangier and Nador, the third Moroccan destination in TUI and the airport’s network. The addition of Oujda offers the Moroccan community in the Antwerp region a direct and easy way to travel to the east of Morocco. TUI flies twice a week to the Moroccan city.

Eric Dumas, CEO of Antwerp Airport, emphasizes: “Antwerp Airport aims to offer destinations for vacationers, business travelers, and those visiting friends and family abroad.” With the wide range of options, there is guaranteed to be a destination that meets everyone’s desires.

12 Sunny Destinations

This summer, TUI fly offers flights to twelve beautiful destinations from Antwerp Airport. In addition to TUI fly, ASL Fly Executive also operates flights to Ibiza. Travelers can choose from:

  • Spain: Alicante, Ibiza, Malaga, Murcia, Palma De Mallorca, Tenerife
  • Morocco: Nador, Tangier, Oujda
  • Croatia: Split
  • Turkey: Antalya
  • Greece: Crete-Heraklion

Tickets are available through the TUI, TUI fly, and ASL Fly Executive websites and with local travel agents.

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