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Atlantic Airways launches new flight from Gatwick to the Faroe Islands

Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways celebrates its inaugural flight from London Gatwick to the Faroe Islands, highlighting the airline’s growth since 1988 and its commitment to enhancing connectivity and emergency services with its modern fleet.

LONDON, UK – Exciting times at Atlantic AirwaysOn 01 June, six travel agents had the privilege of flying on our inaugural flight from London Gatwick to the stunning Faroe Islands. These lucky guys were off to explore the quaint capital, Torshavn as well as visiting the world’s first subsea roundabout and the dramatic Vestmanna sea cliffs. This new non-stop flight operates twice weekly between June and August from Gatwick to Vagar, with a flight duration of just 2 hours 10 minutes.

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March 28, 1988, was the day Atlantic Airways landed for the first time in Vágar. It was a day of celebration for the Faroese nation who for the first time was able to fly with Faroese wings. But the establishment of the company was far from easy. A combination of determination, luck and chance made the Faroese dream of having a national airline come true. In 2007/08 Atlantic Airways had seven aircraft and two helicopters in its fleet, and the company had 277 full-time equivalents. The extension of the runway at Vágar Airport in 2010 opened up new possibilities for the Faroese airline. The decision was made to replace the British Aerospace aircraft with Airbus aircraft. Only four months after the runway was finished the first Airbus 319 landed in Vágar Airport in March of 2012. In 2015 and 2016 the fleet’s old Bell helicopters were replaced by two brand-new up-to-date AugustaWestland AW139 helicopters. They are both more spacious and able to fly 200 nautical miles all the way out to the territorial water limit where they can be at work for 30 minutes in rescue campaigns. These are crucial qualities as Atlantic Airways serves as part of the emergency preparedness team which means that every day of the year 24-7 a helicopter crew is ready to go in a heartbeat.

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