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Aura Aero and Airbus Protect sign cooperation agreement

Jérémy Caussade, CEO of Aura Aero and Thierry Racaud, CEO of Airbus Protect.

Aura Aero and Airbus Protect signed a cooperation agreement for the certification of ERA, a hybrid-electric, 19-seater aircraft aimed at regional decarbonization by 2030.

Aura Aero and Airbus Protect have signed a cooperation agreement in view of the certification of ERA, Aura Aero’s regional transport 19-seater hybrid-electric aircraft. Both companies will share their respective expertise and collaborate on safety, cybersecurity and sustainability aspects of the ERA program and its production means.

This partnership aims to support a smooth and secure ERA certification process and production schedule. It is also an opportunity for Airbus Protect to expand its expertise in new technologies such as hybrid propulsion and all-electric systems, as well as in the general aviation (CS-23) regulatory framework.

ERA is a brand new eco-responsible aircraft. Concentrating many avionic, aerodynamic and propelling innovations, it is the solution to the decarbonization of regional aviation. This aircraft addresses the environmental challenges of the 21st century, reducing C02 emissions by up to 80% compared to thermal aircraft in the same category, together with a significant reduction of direct operating costs, making regional connectivity viable again.

For Jérémy Caussade, CEO of Aura Aero: “This new collaboration with Airbus, the world leader in civil aviation, is not only a true mark of confidence in the work of the Aura Aero teams but is also of course an extra guarantee of success for the ERA program, with which we will decarbonize regional aviation as soon as 2030.”

Thierry Racaud, Airbus Protect CEO, adds: “Working with Aura Aero demonstrates the capability of the Airbus Protect team to help companies across the aviation industry to manage risks at every level, not only dealing with safety and cybersecurity challenges but also sustainability aspects and contributing to the decarbonization of regional aviation.”

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