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Dubai-bound tourists are increasing dramatically

Private Jet Charter, one of the world’s largest independent private jet charter brokers and consultants providing access to over 50,000 aircrafts, has said that private aviation business is witnessing higher growth in UAE in general and Dubai in particular, driven by a combination of factors.

The favourable factors include accelerated economic recovery from recession and unrest in some parts of the region, generating a higher demand for charter flights to and from the UAE.

Private Jet Charter founder and Chief Executive Hugh Courtenay said: “Dubai is well positioned to see a rise in visitors and private jet business due to disturbances in other parts of the region.”

Courtenay added: “The strong performance of the private jet business in Dubai has outpaced the growth in other parts of the Middle East due to the emirate’s consolidation as key holiday destination.”

The unrest and uncertainty in some countries in the Middle East region has prompted tourists to cancel their travel bookings to these destinations which attracted more than 25 million visitors last year. Dubai could capture more than 5 million of these 25 million tourists, which will automatically boost the private jet business, according to Courtenay.

“Most of our clients are high net worth individuals and affluent families, who look at Dubai as a preferred destination, especially considering the uncertainty in some parts of the region.”
Courtenay added: “Affluent holiday makers look for convenience and time savings in jet services and this is where Private Jet Charter fits in. Based on bookings from our clients, who include royal families, wealthy business people and CEOs, the UAE has emerged as a destination of choice for spending their summer vacation.”

Key benefits that the Private Jet Charter organisation offers its customers include 24 hour service round the year, multilingual and expert staff, competitive free quotations and advice, unique CATS aircraft sourcing technology, flight watch monitoring on all executive air charter flights. This involves keeping the PA or travel organiser informed of every stage of the journey, from limousine pick-up to take-off, progress of the flight and landing.

Also, other benefits of Private Jet Charter organisation includes state-of-the-art new generation private jets, high-calibre pilots and cabin crew, use of private business and VIP terminals, check-in only 15 minutes before departure, rapid but secure, immigration procedures, fly from an airport of your choice at your time, ‘meet and greet’ facilities, comprehensive airport information and limousine ground transportation, if required.

Private Jet Charter is an ISO 9002 – certified company with 20 years of leadership in the aviation field. It is a respected provider of VIP aircraft, executive jets, helicopter charter, corporate airliners and dedicated medical evacuation aircraft.