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Flash Airlines in proper condition before crashing

The Flash Airlines was in 100 % perfect condition before plunging into the Red Sea and all technical aspects were properly checked before take-off…

The Flash Airlines was in 100 % perfect condition before plunging into the Red Sea and all technical aspects were properly checked before take-off, Civil Aviation Minister Ahmed Shafik said on Friday.

Addressing a press conference attended by reporters from local and foreign media at the ministry headquarters, he said it is too early to identify the reasons of the crash. The main body of the plane is 800 metres deep in water and devices and equipment available cannot reach that depth, he added.

He confirmed continued cooperation at the highest levels between experts from Egypt, France and the US to locate and recover the black boxes of the plane.

The ill-fated Flash Airlines plane plunged into the sea minutes after Saturday`s predawn take-off from the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, killing all 148 people mostly French nationals, on board.

The plane, the Civil Aviation Minister said, diverged from its scheduled route minutes after take-off without clear reasons and without making any contacts. It seems that the emergency condition did not give the pilot time to do anything, he added.

He pointed out that the plane had turned to the right immediately after take-off, which gave the impression that the pilot intended to return to the airport for landing.

He lashed out at reports by Swiss newspapers which jumped to conclusions and blamed the Flash Airlines.

The plane, he said, landed at Zurich Airport on October 11, 2002 and was subjected to surprise check and was allowed to head for Sharm El-Sheikh with 145 Swiss passengers on board.

On the following day, he added the plane was allowed to fly back to Zurich with 148 Swiss passengers on board.

The Minister of Civil Aviation said that a Swiss ground services company had financial problems with Flash company and sent letters to the Swiss Civil Aviation authorities asking for banning Flash company aircraft from landing or passing through the Swiss airspace as it was indebted by 32,000 Swiss francs to the Swiss company.

The Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation pledged that his ministry would spare no effort to announce all facts and findings about the crash very clearly and accurately.

He pointed out that there had been no problems with compensations so far.

There will be no problems for the relatives of the victims to get due compensations, he confirmed.

On where the two black boxes would be analyzed when found, Ahmed Shafik said that Egypt can do the job. We have the necessary technical expertise to analyze such data and run an investigation into the incident, he said.

However, he added, Egypt has no objection that the data be analyzed anywhere, either in France or the US. He added that Egypt is ready for maximum cooperation in this respect.