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Hahnair welcomes ten new partner airlines into its leading network


Hahnair has added ten new airlines to its HR-169 ticketing platform since January 2024, expanding global distribution for these partners and increasing route options for 100,000 travel agents worldwide.

DREIEICH – Hahnair announces the activation of ten new partner airlines for ticketing on the HR-169 ticket since January 2024. The new partners can be issued in the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) by choosing Hahnair as the validating carrier. As a result, 100,000 travel agents worldwide can book additional routes and destinations for their clients while the airlines benefit from expanded distribution reach and incremental revenue in up to 190 markets.

The following airlines have strengthened their indirect sales with the Hahnair solutions:

  • Alaska Airlines, USA
  • Alsie Express, Denmark
  • Budapest Aircraft Services, Romania
  • Corendon Dutch Airlines, The Netherlands
  • Costa Rica Green Airways, Costa Rica
  • Flytrip, Panama
  • Greater Bay Airlines, Hong Kong
  • SKY Airline Perú, Peru
  • Thai Vietjet Air, Thailand
  • Qazaq Air, Kazakhstan

Five additional airlines have just signed contracts with Hahnair. They are in the process of being implemented and will benefit from expanded indirect distribution soon.

Hahnair’s ticketing and distribution solutions facilitate global business between travel agencies and airlines. Partner airlines can choose from a suite of distribution solutions. HR-169 enables airlines with at least one GDS contract to sell tickets in markets where they are not connected to a local settlement system (e.g., BSP, ARC, or TCH). Additionally, H1-Air and X1-Air are products for airlines without GDS connectivity looking to enter the GDS world, or airlines with limited GDS presence seeking to expand their ticket sales to additional GDSs.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its ticketing business this year, Hahnair has grown its partner portfolio to over 350 partners since 1999. The company continues to develop its distribution services, offering airlines of any size and business model tailor-made solutions for all their distribution needs.