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Starting June 30, 2009Starting June 30, 2009

Los Angeles to Havana non stop flights relaunch

Due to increased demand on the heels of the Obama Administration lifting travel restrictions on Cuban Americans, Cuba Travel Services will be launching its first non-stop weekly flight from LAX to Havana starting June 30, 2009. Departing on Tuesdays at 11:00 am Cuba Travel Services will be utilizing aircraft operated by Continental Airlines.

"We are excited to resume the non-stop flights out of LAX to Havana that were in such high demand prior to the Bush Administration’s restrictions imposed on Cuban Americans that limited their ability to visit with their families in Cuba," said Michael Zuccato, General Manager of Cuba Travel Services.

Within the first 100 days in office, the Obama Administration took action to reverse the Bush Administration’s family restrictions imposed in 2004. Under the Bush Administration, the definition of family was redefined to mother, father or siblings and travel allowed only once every three years.

The Obama Administration repealed the strict Bush Administration’s policy to allow Cuban Americans without limitations on the definition of family and to visit with their family annually.

In April, the Obama Administration announced a series of policy changes in regards to Cuba, one of which lifted all restrictions on transactions related to the travel of family members to Cuba.

In addition to servicing the Cuban American community on the West Coast under the Office of Foreign Assets and Control and US Treasury guidelines, Cuba Travel Services said it will be able to provide a more accessible route and cost-effective travel services to journalists, government officials and researchers that qualify under a general license and sports teams, religious organizations, educational facilities and other organizations or individuals who qualify for and are issued a specific license to travel.

With the eagerness for Cuban Americans to visit their families once again, such travel services will also add stimulation to the economy, generating tax revenue and increasing job opportunity within the travel industry.

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