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Lunar and SAS partner to launch Scandinavia’s first debit card with EuroBonus points

SAS CEO, Anko van der Werff (left) with Ken Villum Klausen, CEO and founder of Lunar.

Lunar and SAS launch Scandinavia’s first debit card to earn EuroBonus points on daily purchases, combining digital innovation with strong heritage.

The two Scandinavian companies, Lunar and SAS, have entered a new partnership. Today, they are launching Scandinavia’s first debit card that allows you to earn EuroBonus points on daily purchases from trips to the supermarket, morning coffee, and summer experiences – without using credit.

Strong Scandinavian heritage meets digital innovation in this new partnership between two iconic Scandinavian brands. Combining Lunar’s innovative and user-friendly banking app with SAS’ popular EuroBonus program, now gives Scandinavians access to the first Scandinavian debit card, where users can earn EuroBonus points on daily purchases.

With the new debit card, Lunar’s users automatically earn EuroBonus points when the card is used. This applies to everything from grocery shopping at the supermarket to dining at restaurants and experiences in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and abroad.

SAS_Lunar card

“We are proud to enter into a partnership with such a strong Scandinavian brand as SAS, as our users get access to probably the most attractive bonus program in Scandinavia. We aim to build the best everyday bank in the Nordics for our users, enabling them to make smart choices in daily life and get the most out of their money. The partnership is very attractive for our users and opens up a wide range of benefits”, says Ken Villum Klausen, CEO and founder of Lunar.

“Through this partnership, SAS is creating new and exciting opportunities through our popular EuroBonus program. Collaborating with a Scandinavian partner like Lunar enables our members to seamlessly earn points in their daily lives via their banking app and debit card. We anticipate significant growth for EuroBonus across Scandinavia, and we are eager to engage with the younger demographic that Lunar has effectively reached through its digital banking platform, says SAS CEO, Anko van der Werff.

The new debit card is available to all EuroBonus members as well as Lunar users in Scandinavia. If you are not a EuroBonus member you can easily sign up via to unlock a world of benefits and gain access to everything from SAS flights to hotel stays, upgrades and different quality products in the SAS EuroBonus shop. If you are not a Lunar user, you can sign up within minutes through the Lunar app – perhaps while waiting to board your next flight.

The debit card is available both as a physical and a digital card, allowing users to use it whenever and wherever it suits them best. For every 100 DKK spent on the debit card, users earn 8 EuroBonus points. New Lunar users receive 3,000 welcome points, and the first 10,000 users get 6,000 points.

The card can be ordered via Lunar’s banking app from June 18, 2024.