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Plans to build new infrastructure and expand airport 's capacity

Melbourne Airport growth is building Victoria 's tourism economyMelbourne Airport growth is building Victoria 's tourism economy

Melbourne Airport continues to show industry leadership in undertaking innovative planning and an aggressive approach to growth which will be of significant benefit to the local and national tourism economy

MELBOURNE – The Melbourne Airport reported an overall growth in passenger numbers of 5% in July with a 6% increase in domestic and significant growth from some of Australia’s key emerging markets.
“The long term vision for Melbourne Airport outlined at last night’s annual stakeholder update shows real vision and leadership in infrastructure planning that anticipates future needs and aggressively engages with the opportunities presented by key international markets,” ATEC Managing Director, Felicia Mariani said.
“With an expected doubling of passenger numbers to 60 million per year, Melbourne Airport’s plans to build new infrastructure and expand its capacity shows a willingness to aggressively take hold of future growth and establish Melbourne as a leading international destination and gateway.”
“With international visitors from key markets such as China up 8%, it is important that Melbourne Airport build a facility to meet future needs and projected growth for the next 10-20 years.
“Infrastructure development including innovative new road access, a new domestic terminal and the expansion of the international airport will all work to relieve congestion and better accommodate the future needs of both domestic and international travellers.
“This $1 billion in planned investment over the next 5 years recognises the huge potential for Melbourne as an important gateway to Australia and the international growth figures bear this out — showing a strong demand from international markets that continues to grow year-on-year.
“Importantly, a significantly improved amenity at Melbourne Airport will create even greater demand from both domestic and international visitors in future and this investment is doing all the right things in working towards meeting that projected growth.
“Melbourne Airport’s leadership and forward thinking is a real blueprint for the planning and expansion that is needed in aviation infrastructure if Australia is to achieve the goals set under the Tourism 2020 Strategy.”