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Jordan Aviation Group achieved a total net profit of USD 27 million for 2008

Ministers of Jordan paid an official visit to the head quarter of Jordan Aviation Group

Minister of Transport of Jordan Engineer Sahel Al Majali, Minister of the Environment Engineer Khalid Al-Irani, and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Mr. Zuqan Al Quda Paid an official visit to the head quarter of Jordan Aviation Group on Tuesday June 6th, 2009. Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission Chief Commissioner, and other officials accompanied them in the visit that was the first of its kind since the founding of the company and the launch of its operations in 2000.

Chairman & CEO of the group Capt. Mohammed Al Khashman announced that Jordan Aviation Group achieved a total net profit of 27 million US$ for the year 2008. Captain Mohammed Al Khashman said that the company succeeded in attracting Saudi SWICORP as a strategic partner with 25% of the company’s capital. He stated that Jordan Aviation Group is proceeding according to the approved schedule in terms of implementation and development, adding that the profits of the group inside and outside the Kingdom are reinvested in projects in the country’s different sectors.

He also announced that the structural outline of the ambitious ventures will be announced soon.During the visit, there was a brief of the group investment plan including future plans for the expansion of the fleet, increase of Philadelphia transport fleet of busses, new modern facilities for the company at the Airport International road, rail way projects locally and regionally and a modern housing building project that depends on alternative energy.

The brief also covered the technical and economic performance of the Group and its developments over the past ten years. And the future plans to generate operating revenue of more than US$ 350 million and a net profit of more than US$ 100 by the year 2012.

The group capital stands now at US$ 62 million and fleet at 20 aircraft totally owned, against 750 dedicated employees, with future plans to reach 30 Aircraft served by 1,800 employees by the same above year.

On the social responsibility issue, Jordan Aviation takes great interest in serving the local community and acknowledges that contributions to society is an obligation that all companies have to make. Believing in enabling the future generations, Jordan Aviation executes a well designed scholarship plan supporting young people to continue their education at schools and universities especially from under developed areas, Khashman also contributes to many non profit organizations in the capital Amman and at other cities and villages.

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