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New La Colombe at Philadelphia International Airport’s Terminal F

At Philadelphia International Airport, wherever your coffee craving strikes, La Colombe is brewing nearby.

PHILADELPHIA – Founded-in-Philly coffee phenom La Colombe has opened its fifth location at Philadelphia International Airport, in Terminal F.

Coffee shop’s rise to success began in 1994, when the coffee empire was started by Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti in Philly’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood.

The once-local roastery has since expanded its brand and brewing territory far beyond the City of Brotherly Love. Today, the coffee shop e has reshaped the coffee landscape on a worldwide scale through its invention of the draft latte, a cold, creamy coffee infused with nitrogen.

“As we continue to introduce new and exciting concessions at PHL, we are particularly proud when an existing operator chooses to expand with us,” said Mel Hannah, Vice President and General Manager of MarketPlace PHL. “La Colombe serves exceptionally rich-tasting coffee that embodies the spirit of Philadelphia’s coffee scene.”

From signature blends to handcrafted espresso beverages, the shop offers a diverse menu of java selections as well as pastries. Whether passengers are craving a classic cappuccino or seeking a refreshing cold brew, La Colombe delivers a phenomenal coffee experience, guaranteed.

Philadelphia International Airport’s Terminal F caters to regional travelers seeking a smooth and efficient journey. Opened in 2001, it’s the second newest terminal and boasts 38 gates for domestic flights, primarily operated by American Eagle and Contour Airlines. Passengers appreciate the special jet bridges allowing direct boarding to regional jets without needing to walk on the tarmac. The terminal features a central food court with a vibrant blue glass atrium, offering a calming and well-lit atmosphere. While Terminal F focuses on domestic travel, it plays a crucial role, handling over 15% of the airport’s passengers and serving as the “front door” for many arriving by bus.

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