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Saudia launches Saudi Coffee Cup” initiative in partnership with the Culinary Arts Commission


Saudia launches the “Saudi Coffee Cup” initiative, offering handcrafted cups representing Saudi regions to business class guests, enhancing cultural appreciation onboard.

JEDDAH – Saudia, the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, has launched the “Saudi Coffee Cup” initiative in collaboration with the Culinary Arts Commission. This distinctive collection of handcrafted cups will be offered as part traditional welcome service of Saudia for the business class guests, along with Saudi coffee and dates.

The cups have been crafted in five distinct designs, each representing the main regions of Saudi Arabia. The central region’s design features clay buildings and palm trees, representing its traditional landscape. The western region’s cup reflects the iconic Taifi rose alongside seashells, corals, showcasing its stunning coastline.

Guests will enjoy the essence of the east through a cup decorated with Calligonum Al Arta, a symbol of the region’s unique flora. The beauty of the north is represented by olive trees on the cup design, while the southern region’s rich cultural heritage is showcased with Assiri patterns.

Cups featuring the distinctive traditional designs will be offered to guests onboard select routes from 7th of July 2024 and eventually all routes thereafter. The initiative comes in line with Saudia’s efforts to enhance the travel experience and embrace national identity and culture. Building on its existing cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, which includes Saudia’s strategic sponsorship of prominent events, Saudia’s “Saudi Coffee Cup” initiative reflects its commitment to celebrating the local identity and culture.

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