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The merged airlines now operate as a single unified carrier

SITA and Air India achive an important milestone in AI’s transformation programme

Air India announced that the first milestone in its modernization process had been completed with the double migration of Air India and Indian Airlines to SITA’s Horizon Passenger Services System (PSS). The merged airlines now operate as a single unified carrier, Air India, paving the way for entry into the Star Alliance in mid-2011.

SITA successfully took the two separate airlines’ IT platforms and completed this complex migration to the new PSS in a record 293 days. This included the successful transfer of more than half a million Passenger Name Records (PNRs) with 99.99% accuracy.

SITA’s PSS is now established in AI with over a month of daily use and has been integrated into routine operation. Additionally, Air India presents its passengers with a more efficient and functionally rich online booking engine, as well as kiosk check-in and web check-in. Following the initial PSS implementation, SITA is working with Air India to incorporate additional capabilities and further customize its service delivery. The modern technology of the PSS platform will enable Air India to enhance the end-to-end flying experience for its passengers; to increase revenue channels and to offer attractive promotional campaigns through its enhanced website. In addition, SITA’s system will result in reduced costs of sales distribution for Air India.

Arvind Jadhav, Chairman and Managing Director, Air India, said: “We have a vision to make Air India the best airline in Indian aviation and India’s ambassador to the world. Our strategic partnership with SITA, which provides services to the air transport industry not only in India but all over the world, is important in helping us achieve this.”

“I am pleased that Air India and SITA teams have worked closely together to achieve this crucial milestone in record time. The migration to SITA’s PSS and a single code will result in an even more cost-effective, customer-focussed and competitive world class airline. This migration will also bring significant cost savings, efficiencies and improvements in passenger services and yields.”

Francesco Violante, CEO, SITA, said: “This complex double migration to the SITA Horizon platform is a huge achievement and I am delighted with our swift delivery. SITA and Air India worked hard together to complete the migration with minimal disruption to passengers. We look forward to a continuing fruitful relationship with Air India, and will be working together to deliver further solutions that will position it as a world-class airline.”

Maneesh Jaikrishna, SITA Country Director, South Asia and India said: “In this 60th year of SITA’s established track record of Indian operations, we reiterate our commitment in supporting the development and modernization of Indian aviation.”

“Our partnership with Air India is equally deep-rooted. We continue to provide the airline with network connectivity, desktop infrastructure and associated support at all its domestic and international stations in addition to solutions for check-in, air-to-ground communications, fares management and baggage tracing. We are delighted to have played such a critical role in the all important merger of the two airlines and their migration to the Horizon PSS. SITA is committed to ensuring its utmost support to the successful business transformation of Air India.”

SITA has been an important partner to the Indian air transport industry for over half a century and has pioneered many innovations for the country’s airlines, airports, passengers and relevant stakeholders. These include the first common use check-in and baggage management systems, air-ground communications and airport management systems.

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